When we feel someone is being ignorant, we unknowingly shape our thoughts in the same way too.


“He read my message but didn’t reply for hours. What was he doing?

I was so annoyed, I waited for so long, every few minutes I kept reviewing!!”

In that moment I never asked myself, “Why the wait?”

All that was growing in my head was simply hate.

I felt, the person was ignorant when actually I was the one impatient

I felt like I had no respect, but only I had been inefficient.

Had I not thought so much and simply made a call

My thoughts would remain more stable and they wouldn’t make me fall.

Ignorance never settles a question rather gives rise to a few more…

It is a bliss with confidence, but misfortune if it hurts you to the core.

Most of us, suffocate ourselves by thinking about something which was never meant to be…

The other person is clueless about the suffering that was created by us for we.

Ignorance even if it arose, can be just temporary pain

It needs great power to arise in the first place, because there’s just no gain.

Before the thought that, your loved one might be ignoring you

Always think there’s something he or she must be going through.

All of us are wise enough to not indulge in ignorance

But only our assumptions create a big line of difference.

In this world where information is provided, to be ignorant is just a choice

Think before doing anything, be patient, it has more to rejoice!



The most learned, generous, loving and noble people you’ve ever met are likely those people who’ve known defeat, known heartbreak of losing someone, known suffering, and have build their way out of their own bottoms of complete loss.


Rocks hit us, we fall down, deep beneath the ground at times

but we forget the most basic facts and don’t even try most of the times.

Fact of EXPERIENCE that chooses us to make us aware of how strong we are

experience that never gets planned, no matter how much planning we do and until how far.

Reality of PAIN and how it demands to be felt

we never want to feel it because we think it’s foul, we pretend being strong we don’t want to melt.

Actuality of MINDSET that knows that life can’t be perfect

to believe in the life we wish to live, even if no one else believes on that aspect.

Truth of FEAR, that seldom exists

which makes us realize that there’s courage lying deep inside our soul that we desist.

Certainty of SITUATIONS that come to make us understand

that we have the power to change them, with responsibilities, them we can withstand.

Point of PRESENT that tells us, it is the only time that has to be dealt

‘Past was better’ or ‘future will be good’ is not where needs to be the seat-belt.

Factor that great things need TIME

patience brings the right gratitude, instant value is never prime.

Feature that ACCURACY can’t be judged by others

Success is what we define for ourselves, not what is defined for us by others.

Fact that we believe in most but, is the most untrue

ALONE we believe we are, when others are fighting tougher battles than we do.

Life isn’t easy but is ours and should be valued

the most outstanding blessing is we’re breathing now and it’s always devalued.


“Your words repeat, you use similar rhymes, review your work, read before you write!”


And what did I do? I was all low, sat and cried!

Cried because my only work was criticized, something for which I held pride

I went back and opened my books, read and re-read

I marked too many words in them, marked with blue, green and red.

But while marking, my tears stopped tripping, on a page…

Where I found pictures of loved ones holding me tight in little age

My smile broadened every minute second

The thought of ‘reviewing’ vanished then, rather it wasn’t even reckoned.

Because I understood then, the power that REPETITION had

It did not subtract or divide, but simply multiplied, it did add.

No, I ain’t teaching any sort of math here…

But this formula of life was simple to me now. It became clear.

The repetition of kisses on my forehead that mom kept gifting

I kept rising higher through it, higher I kept lifting.

The repetition of protection in my brother’s arms

Taught me how to live courageously, without weapons; without arms.

The love of my father, the care of my sister

Kept me away from fears, away from the dripping eyes of that Mister.

Their love was nothing but repetition of little things

Which turned stronger just by continuation and now they were big things.

I perceived, repetition wasn’t bad rather it was rehearsal

Repetition was a truth, so universal.

Repeating mistakes makes us aware that they are mistakes

Until then who has the nerve for re-takes?

I learn words, when I repeat

Rhymes can be few, but thoughts I won’t cheat.

My work is vivid and sorted today

Because I’m learning something new everyday.

I’ll write you read, try reading just more than words this time

I’m sure you’ll find more meaning than just rhyme!


Water, Height, Places, Strangers, Insects, Injections, Loneliness, Failure, Death! What are you scared of?


NOTHING! My heart said, bold and clear enough.

But the very next moment I knew I wasn’t that tough.


Yes, the fear of… fear made me sick.

Horror movies were my love, ones to die for

Insects, animals, birds all are his creatures, like we are, to adore.

Water, height, air, fire are the beauties of nature with science attached

How can I then, from them, be so detached?

Yes, I know the day I come in face to face with my fear

I might shiver, I might act queer.

But until then, I will be brave to see everything, everything I will hear.

I was born to explore, to watch something strange always appear.

The best way is to go say hi..!

Maybe the other is more scared, just defending itself thereby

I’m not saying go and hold that spider on your arm

It will simply sting, it will simply harm.

Easy to preach, difficult to practice you might look at me and say…

But one step at a time may not cause your heart to tremble and stronger it will stay.

Fear is an emotion. Lets cure it, lets short live it.

Lets not let it run over our minds and as a phobia always fit!

I will try to not be scared. Will you try doing it too?

The best way out, is always through!


She : Tell me which of your work you feel is the BEST?

Me: The one I’m going to write next!


I don’t know until today what’s the best that I’ve written

I don’t know what had to be re-written, what was over-written.

But I know one thing and with confidence I can say

No matter how many mistakes I make even today.

I know there will be something better in my next post

I will learn from my mistakes, even the ones I make the most.

My today’s piece of writing may not be that good

But, I know what I have changed, I know what I withstood.

We all evolve, gradually yet steadily

We all need to admit of mistakes we make readily.

“Practice makes a man perfect”

That kid started from learning the alphabet and today can read everything so correct.

None of us are born masters even if we have the skill

We all know about wiping the floor only after we spill.

The number of mistakes I make doesn’t really matter

What matters is the next time I try to bake will I get the perfect batter?

The spirit lies and trying again, even if one fails a hundred times

I might even today not know how to write good rhymes.

But am I willing enough to try again tomorrow to be able?

Yes, because I want to create that something UNSURPASSABLE!

Qualify THAT Quality!

We had just a few sentences between us, but he gave me LIFE in those few words that he said!

Power of Words

Oh I’m pleased to know… there are a few more like me who appreciate this art,

only you and me know how close it is to our heart.

This was long ago, but I still remember his words

The man who in his writing could describe the texture and color of the wings of the birds.

How often do you write? Do you write for YOURSELF?

He asked me, where for him, writing was life, was true self.

“Not much Sir, when teachers ask me to. Not for myself but for others, I do.”

Well determined you seem my child, but try writing for yourself someday, worlds you might outdo!

And then life began… when pen and paper became my best-friends

‘I wrote, I write, I will keep writing’ I said to myself, I wanted ascends

But no, my books, my words now had many more descends

I was losing hope, giving up, marking ends.

Gave up too, but just for a while

Opened old books once and somewhere after a few pages I found my smile.

I saw what I wrote. It all meant to be read by you

Nothing was there for me, after searching in quite a long queue.

So peaceful, so calm, so happy I am today

Because I found myself, I found my way.

All of us need to do this once in life.

We need to stop thinking about others and with ourselves break that strife.

Do something that you love, something you like

It isn’t necessary for your wife to think alike.

But if you aren’t happy how will you bring happiness on her face?

The cake is simply too bland without that icing, without that glace.

Do something that brings your smile back

Trust me, life will automatically set your track.

Fragrance Of The First Rain!

How many times do we really notice those little things that add happiness without even making us feel they did?


For me it was the fragrance of the first rain

For him it was the roaring sea that was nothing vain

For her it was sipping her midnight coffee

For them it was in sharing a single toffee.

For someone it maybe walking on wet grass

For someone wiping that little piece of antique brass

For someone it maybe blowing the trumpet

For someone it maybe playing with a puppet.

That girl there rejoices when she dances

That boy draws little graffiti onto glasses

They listen to music together, they spend time through it

And these little ones, run behind each other and outdo it.

That chocolate pastry, reciting those songs, laughter of the kids, cozy blankets

What makes us happy is never that big, like finding money one doesn’t know of, in pockets

Life’s little pleasures surprise us all the time

They give us something really sublime.

The point is, look up and notice something beautiful waiting

Mom has kept your favorite cake on the desk awaiting!!!