Calm Down!

Everyone is busy… I don’t know doing what!


We’re all running, panting yet running

I don’t wish to sleep, for work seems stunning.

I sneeze, head hurts. But “Work comes first!”

First is not important if it makes you feel worst.

Wake up and run, neither jog nor walk

Don’t sleep, don’t eat, don’t even talk.

“Technology is our friend!” they say

I don’t understand how gadgets took my time away.

I don’t know when I work and when I play

Is it really a friend or foe today?

We’re all working on reports and modules

I don’t know how so much clutter can help companies form rules.

I don’t understand if we work to live or live to work today

We don’t do what we love at all in any way.

Is it so important to be busy in life?

Or is it just a little more important to live our life?

Work always was and will remain a part of our lives

However, let’s not confuse parts with complete lives.


My Master Key!

I closed my eyes before writing this piece of poetry and all I could imagine was you.


The way my heart goes crazy when you’re around

The way I speak too much with words all round.

The way you look into my eyes, makes me insane

Makes me fumble and looking away seems vain.

You touch my skin but reach my soul

Reading my mind seems your only goal.

I don’t know if being with you is tough or easy

At times you’re rock and the other you’re breazy.

Usually I have a story to narrate

And when it’s about you I feel I just misstate.

I’m either out of words or my poetic knowledge

You hold me close to your heart yet keep me on the edge.

Your tricks make me mad, your words make me wise

I don’t know if you really are my blessing in disguise.

No matter how much we argue I’ll be kissed and you’ll win

For you’ll take my breath, steal my words and make it a win-win.

I don’t think I’m perfect for you, I never will be

But in the end to all my doors you’re always the master key.


“The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.”

– Bob Proctor


New adventures and roads await

For us to travel and open our gate.

New life, new smiles, new songs

And we’re stuck in the rights and wrongs.

New moments each day, a new picture to click

A new hair color maybe, a new side flick.

A newer resolution that comes from the heart

A brand new celebration for a live dream to start.

Another tour or sketch or dress to make

Another millionaire to the world, a new remake.

A truth that can’t be hidden, a life to live again

No limit, no brake, just rack your brain.

A new injury too maybe with more new courage

A new way of becoming one’s own age.

It’s a nice beginning to think of and live by

Just smile and twinkle, sometimes cry but just to fly.


Bidding adieu to a yearlong journey.


With a book full of memories, good and bad

With eyes full of tears, happy and sad.

We’ve said goodbye to an old storybook

Saying hello to a brand new notebook.

Wearing a new dress we dance our way out

New shoes, new neck piece, to completely stand out.

New pictures and selfies to hold onto time

So that next year we have a moment too sublime.

I see someone missing home, thanking family and friends

Some bedazzled by blessings and some celebrating the ends.

Like a newborn in the family

Each year is celebrated so lovingly.

Yet the elder members are never forgotten

They carry value lifelong never shorten.

And like every member of the family

Each year will remain special undoubtedly.

And next year again we’ll have a perfect storybook

That was today a brand new notebook.

Full of memories, good and bad

Making eyes wet with tears, happy and sad.