We all go through some mental or physical infirmity at some time or the other. But, we all go THROUGH it right? Let’s think about that one person who can’t.


I was sitting in that corner quite alone as a child

People saw me either with pity, sympathy or disgust and I was all riled

They played, they danced, they ran, they jumped

I got up to fall again, with that ground I always bumped.

Yes, I blamed that God up above every minute, every second

Β  I asked him why he gave birth to me, my difficulties I wanted him to reckon

I cried for ages; not time, days or months

Every time, every day, each hour I had confronts.

But you know what’s the best of this story

That ‘I WAS, I CRIED, I DID’ and now it’s history

I’m much more peaceful than all of you today

My weakness became strength since I faced it everyday.

I knew how to gain attention; love; care and not sympathy now

I figured out my way to evolve, tears still fall, but stronger I am from toe to brow

The wheels are faster than feet this day

I reach to places before someone even finds their way.

Facial expressions still change from smile to sorrow

But now I don’t take these with me, I don’t borrow

Rather I smile wider and make them smile again

Their smile spreads around and vanishes my pain.

Now I realize the other world has so much agony and suffering too

I just knew about mine, every thought I turned blue

Can I ask YOU for a favor though?

Whether the affliction is yours or someone’s, whom you don’t even know

Hold onto happiness it has amazing strength and power

When you are able to do that, everything, mark ‘EVERYTHING’ you will ably empower.


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