Live To Live!

Do you live to live?

Live to live.jpg

So, basically there are two ways to live life.

Trust me choosing one is general, quite a rife.

Yet, most of us make the wrong choice

The rest maybe don’t have an opinion to voice.

One way of living is to inhale and exhale

And the other way of living is to live, which is quite the tale.

You might ask what is the difference? Right?

Aren’t both equal, same, exact? What’s the fight?

Well, when we inhale and exhale, we don’t realise

That time keeps flowing, life keeps moving, nothing to idealise.

While when we live to live

We sense every breath, we have something to take and something to give.

In this world where, result matters the most

We forget to live the journey to get there almost.

The hard work does the work, but who lived it?

I think we were busy thinking about the future prize while doing it.

The journey might be more rejoicing than the destination

But we don’t care enough, we just want to get there, by mere temptation.

The practice sessions, the early morning jogs, the stupid silly jokes

Are the best pieces of my painting, the best strokes.

The high fives, the hugs and the breaking on the sofa after a long day

Will be missed most in the tough life way.

The award ceremony, the stage performance, the exam scores

Won’t be sweet memories in old age, when there’s not much to laugh about, behind closed doors.



Today, I learned something really valuable.


We all have a strong belief in something or the other

For some trust truly in God and some have their beliefs other.

But how many of us trust in ourselves completely?

How many of us remain loyal to ourselves faithfully?

“I’ll wake up early tomorrow and exercise.”

Empty promises we always make to the heart without paying any excise.

We keep running from committing to oneself

Yet we promise to stay loyal with the world around, above the own self.

We make mistakes and withdraw from the responsibility of accepting

We miss out on opportunities and forget about it, for it’s relaxing.

Why can’t we take charge of our lives?

Or every mishap that arrives and everything that life deprives?

Of every little step and every little fall

Of every growth and every break down as life takes the call.

Maybe life takes it’s own turns, maybe your path is much more tough

But life is ours right? It’s our duty to smoothen the road that’s rough.

My dreams are large and I am responsible for their fulfilment

For every little breath I inhale, I will live by my commitment.


A piece of motivation developed through inspiration.


After months of lazing around and reacting with my own pace

I understood that my work would just remain on ground space.

Procrastination always reflected in my writings

While there was absolutely no improvement in any of the sightings.

One fine day, maybe as a new month resolution

I tried to practice and improve my creation.

The motive was to write each and everyday

Success or failure didn’t matter anyway.

No matter whether time permitted or not

No matter how the weather was, cool or hot.

No matter where I was, holiday or routine

I had to stick to the chain and not break this new routine.

Success and proficiency follows practice

It doesn’t matter how your work is that day, what matters is you practice.

It’s important to do the same work for your desired result each day

Doesn’t matter if your good, bad or worse at it, that day.

It’s important to commit, to small achievable goals

And not work endlessly and give up one day because you can’t fulfil your own goals.

Tears do stream when there aren’t many views or likes

But when work flourishes, it becomes a habit of daily lives.

A successful athlete, artist or businessman

Is a man of regularity and that should be the plan.

Success follows the lead of people who are unique

They deliver consistently while others just drop down or become weak.

Forget what you might lose in the struggle or how much you will gain

Just remember one thing, do not break the chain.

Back Breaking?

What can one do when everything seems to fall apart? When there seems no way out?

Back Breaking.jpg

When bricks of the house fall at our feet

Or the heart can’t handle anymore grudge heat.

Those are truly the best times of our life

While most of us, try to get rid and get fastened in that strife.

I know it’s not easy to face difficult situations

But trying to stick with the pain are better curations.

Don’t we all run from it all the while it attacks

None of us stay there patiently and understand the cracks.

We all want a quicker healing, a betterment, a cure

But none are willing to accept it, the way it is, so pure.

What do you do when the closest friend starts punching your back

You remain right? Firm and not quit the track?

Then why do life situations become a foe?

We can stay firm and strong with them too and let it go.

Difficult times are the real and best times of your lives

Enjoy each breath, the strength, the patience and evolve from everything that arrives.

Sometimes benefits are on the way of the aching

Stay calm even if the back is breaking.


With all the pleasures of life that surround me, that’s what my face should always read as.


Through the most amazing parents I came to this life

To a world that maybe for many of us is rife.

Into a family bonded by immense love

To two siblings that are a blessing from heavens above.

Studied in the best school of the city

Played not with friends but soul mates quite pretty.

Grew up to be one of a kind

Because of marvellous teachers, too kind.

Like a drop of water in this ocean like world

Trying to achieve a name, word by word.

Willing to build a character and a beautiful soul

Growing each day with a single track mind goal.

I forgot to do the most important thing

I forgot to thank I think.

With infinite life pleasures that kept dropping on my plate

I forgot to bow in gratitude for the joy most innate.


They never had to find time when they wanted to do something they loved.


I don’t dance because I need to

It’s breath for me, I just inhale like others do.

I don’t sketch because I have to

The pencil dances, I just hold it through.

I don’t run for a good body or a peaceful mind

My legs like to play in the woods, the grass is kind.

I don’t read because I want to

It’s blood that flows from veins, head to toe too.

I don’t write to showcase

Poetry peeps through me eyes and expresses on my face.

Don’t do it, if you have to

It will happen if it has to.


Have you ever had the feeling of a great sleep and a great rise? A wonderful break? The experience of a beautiful dawn? I just had one.


It’s been a week

At times I was feeling weak.

I felt I was away from myself

But this break brought me closer to myself.

The experience of being away from what I loved doing

Made me understand about important roles my life was playing.

I was being admired as the person I had become

Yet I was getting inspired to work towards what I want to become.

A break brought me closer to family, to friends

A break that seemed like it had no ends.

I learnt the meaning of love, the value of respect

I learnt to look from a different aspect.

I learnt that smiles did most of the work

But tears too were something marvellous, nothing to lurk.

A break has got me to a place where I know what’s next

Even if life is a tough test.

I want to accept challenges, I want to face fears

I want to embrace every thing that appears.

I want to do something that scares me in and out

I want to make it large, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

And so I will, because I want to

I will, it is the perfect time to.

Laugh endlessly, love unconditionally

And live the life that’s mine, passionately.