Control Or Profusion?

Abundance, excess, bountifulness. We have or can get whatever we want in the duration of a snap. In fact at times even less than that. It’s like the sky is our limit, but isn’t it contradicting because sky is plenty.


So much of availability

We have every facility.

We all try to make plans; schedule and reschedule

We still want to have that sweet, even when the mouth is all full.

My question is, why is the mouth full when what you want is still out?

If it is something that you don’t want then, there’s no need to shout.

Instead why not eat in a limit rather than trying to add more

Limit yourself to eat that is needed to stay on the floor.

You use time don’t let time use you,

When it is less why make it all the more few.

Listen this is the time my friend.

And we all know it will end.

Leave that phone aside, hold her in your arms…

Let’s not create a distance between us, that’s what really harms.

Eat on time, not every time.

Health is important and you have to take care of it just forever that’s one time.

Buy things not when you want but when you need

Set a boundary, don’t run in speed.




Do you like surprises? I don’t. I’m scared of surprises, who, how, when comes to see you. But have you ever had surprises that have made you happy, without making you realize that you just had a surprise..! I just had one like that today.


A sharing something with someone…

Something you don’t want to summon.

A talk that makes you go offtrack

Without making you feel, of some lack.

A moment of laughter, suddenly of pain

Pure pleasure, so much to gain.

A feeling of something special

Not necessary or essential.

But happiness to its highest par.

The attention one attains like a superstar.

Causing disturbances without realization

But every time a new disturbance, new creation.

So much giggle between two serious personalities

Do we have the the disease of dissociative identities?

No idea, no actually not even a thought

About the connection we would build about the random talks up we brought.

Friendship? Sisters? Or nothing in real?

Or actually someone more than just real.

Sometimes, we have no notion of how happiness comes our way.

Things, people or even through angels like I met today.

Don’t be surprised well you actually won’t get to know.

When you come in face-to-face with something like so.

Obstacles Or Just Hurdles?

Scared? Anxious? Nervous? Do you have too many challenges to face today?


Face them, now, they’re here to scare you

Because without these, what in life is new?

Laziness, procrastination, sitting back you know is not you

So don’t even let it get into you.

Challenges are here to make us cross the hurdle

They aren’t here to be obstacles and make us dull

Difficulties come to make us strong

They make us believe we can make right, what is wrong.

They come to you because you’re the only one who can handle

You can light yourself and brighten the path, like a candle.

We’re dying, every second, in fact every nano one

Answer this test now and show them what you’ve won.

Be active, be fun, go depict that smile

Challenge the challenge in style.

When achievements come to us, they come to us for a reason

When obstacles come to us, we’ll tackle them this season.

There’s no ‘why me’ in this discussion

There’s just ‘TRY ME’ in the conclusion.

SLIDE To Unlock!

How many times have you read this phrase on the screens of different devices? And how many times have you read it more than just sliding a finger over it?


Slide to unlock…

No key but yet opened a lock.

But this device has unlocked the power

What have we done to empower?

We’ve shut our doors instead

Doors of the mind, windows of the head.

Shut so many things big time

We’ve turned ridicule from sublime.

Slide to unlock…

Some kind of a joke or mock?

We’ve stopped noticing we just see

A touch enables everything so, we just be.

Do we think or just copy paste

Why are we running what’s this haste?

Or are we scared to fail in someone’s eyes

To lie to oneself to be good for someone else is a decision so wise.

Slide to unlock…

We’ve shut everything, opportunity is too confused to knock.

New Year? My New Start!

Firstly, A very happy new year to all you wonderful people reading this! You must be wondering, where was I for the good start right? Well, I was on a good break and I loved being there, and I was living love with this break because, falling in love is so not me. And this break is so beautiful that I’d like all you people to have one!


We’re in some competition to have more friends online

But how many of them know us offline?

We see them there but don’t start a conversation

Even if we do, we’re waiting for each-others typing relation.

We type and re-type, think so much before we send

We follow people on the net, how is that a friend?

We open our computers but shut our doors

We’re surfing we say, but then no explores.

This technology is an illusion of delusion

When we come out of it, we’re in utter confusion.

We’re slaves to something created by us

We don’t master our mind, the mind masters thus.

We have so much to look, like and share

Are emotions rare getting the care?

We search to find our answers

We gain no experience rather fall into disasters.

Had there been someone to help us more than google

We might not have had the need to look for tutorials for renewal.

Be there for someone special and they’ll be there with you

But no one would be there if a few messages would do.

We edit and put to place unreal materials to reality

We’re suffering the disease called duality.

We’re busy making a real image on the computer

That our real image outside it becomes so quieter.

We can read a book not e-books and save our eyes

We can sleep early, take so much rest and put that time to exercise.

We might be lost, but bending doesn’t make us find ways alone

Ask for the direction, put away the phone.

We think we need the contact list

But no we will remember each other if we coexist.

It’s better to play with kids and teach them what you learn

Then to gift them an I-Pad so that to us they never return.

Are we running away cause life is too busy?

Or is this tech-savvy world making us dizzy?

No games, no noise, outdoor it’s so quiet

We know the weather condition but we see no climate.

Let’s look up from our phones and shut down our display

They are true distractions put them away.

Give people your love and not your like

There’s where our chances to us they will strike.

Shut down the computer, shut down the television,

Go out there create a new vision.

Stop reading this blog and live more real days

Let’s make happiness than regret, in our heart make stays!