The Peace Game!

How many of us can play the “Peace Game” really well?

the peace game

Some of us might ask what is the Peace Game?

What are the rules? What is the aim?

Well, let me tell you what the Peace Game is all about.

It is about clearing viruses like self doubt.

It is about a regeneration of oneself, a revivify everyday

And keep all the extra trash like frustration away.

You might want to know how to play

One just has to master a few controls and obey.

Control one is as simple as taking a break

To reflect and know if our mind’s blocking a shake or make.

Control number two is to understand your emotion

Whether it’s anger, disappointment or hate, or even a mixed commotion.

Control three is the master key

To give these feelings some time to be.

The control four is an attention seeker

It’s just wants you to love yourself deeper.

Control five is to take a small, tiny, little baby step

Trying on a small smile might gradually reduce the effects of the misstep.

The last step is really cool,

In fact it’s the main tool.

It says don’t overload

Just be intentional and mellowed.

I simply love the Peace Game

It’s getting me so much fame.



What does the word “Blessing” mean to us, in our life?


Being brought up in an Indian family, I find blessings are infinite

Every elder blesses the youngers every time we reunite.

And no Indian family is a small number of people

So in that case there’s always a large number of people.

So does that mean, all Indians are infinitely blessed?

Now that’s what was supposed to be assessed.

And guess what? I truly found a brilliant answer

A few ups and downs but it took me through an advancer.

The assessment said not just Indians but everyone

Was blessed partially by someone.

I wondered what a “Partial Blessing” meant

And soon I found the consent.

A partial blessing was nothing but disinterest

Which could definitely turn out to become a point of interest.

When we gave gifts there were hands to accept them

But when we received blessings we never did take them.

Every relationship performs on the equation of give and take

Then why did we make this choice that we often make?

An elders’ blessing might come in the form of a new job

Or maybe as another gift through the doorknob.

Then what makes us stand behind to see blessings around us?

In every little drop of water or maybe a happy life thus?