I’ve always felt, that I’ve lived an incomplete life, I’ve left moments unattended, I’ve let time flow without even having a look at it.


Have you ever seen something, beyond the sight of your eyes

Have you ever felt something so magical that it brings tears in your eyes?

Something so beautiful that it overwhelmed you

Something that touched your heart in ways quite few.

I realise, this happens everyday

But because, there’s this reel reality blindfold, we tend to look away.

Who ever finds time to just gaze at the night sky?

The time to just look into someone’s eyes and find the happiness that money can’t buy.

Yes. Money can buy us a lot more and thus we run fast to attain some

But is this race so important that, that’s the only thing we live for? The money sum.

Our lives are shorter than we can even imagine

All we need to do is, begin.

To live a life andΒ be alive to it

To breathe and feel every single breath and complete it.


The Right Kind!

So how do you know who’s your right man?


Can love really be judged in any way?
Calculated, measured, or counted in some way?
How do you judge when someone is right for you?
When she is just the one to live with, one for die too.
When you want to hold her close and let her know
That she’s the one or whatever so.
When you want to give her flowers and make her yours
When all you want is the her to be yours?
There was just one way to find my dream man.
To look for him was never a plan.
My dream too wasn’t waiting for some charming prince on a white horse
For no royalty, no young, dark and handsome, no horse.
It waited for someone who’d like me the way I am
The one who’d accept me the way I am.
The one who wouldn’t want to die for me
But someone who’d hold my hand and say, “Live with me”.


It’s so important to just express yourself.


“Your eyes talk so much” he said

And another wink through my eyes, lead.

A way I didn’t know about

A way which we had to explore together, without doubt.

But it’s amusing sometimes

How we form sentences and meaning from mimes.

Expressions that have a lot more to say than words can

Sometimes I feel they have a plot and plan.

But what’s more important is they come on my face

What’s more important is that I can express myself with more grace.

The best capability is to express our thoughts and emotion

And stand out as a drop in the ocean.


Have you tiptoed ever?


I always tiptoed as a kid

To hide chocolates in my small box without a lid.

I tiptoed to hide during the game of “Hide and Seek”

I wanted to sneak even without a squeak.

And then I grew up where heels replaced my tiptoe

They took away a part of my childhood, being a lifelong foe.

But do you really know tiptoeing wasn’t easy

Rather when I tried it today, I felt quite uneasy.

Those heels had got me into a place of comfort

Stealing away the fun that I had even with all the discomfort.

The way of balancing on toes without making any sounds

The running and turning on toes within no bounds.

But today’s feeling was not the same

And for me this was quite a shame.

I felt I lost the kind of flexibility I had

But sooner or later I realised it wasn’t that bad.

I understood that I enjoyed tiptoeing around

I wasn’t trying to stick to one rule or ground.

It was fun to sneak with a tiptoe than in a heel

It felt good because I liked it, I loved the feel.

Now I thought of adding tiptoe to all parts of my life

Every new thing will be difficult, a tough strife.

But when I enjoy it my feet don’t hurt

But when I just want to master it without any joy, of course it will hurt.

So I’ll do everything like I want to

Why follow the feet of those who just “have to”?

Mountain Climb!


For there are tough times,
As tough as steep mountain climbs.
Even during the climb we think about giving up
Going back to the place from where we once started climbing up.
But somewhere behind the mind we know
That just a little more effort to go.
We know it’s tough but going back from where we’ve reached sounds awful
And reaching the peak seems wonderful.
We want to breathe the air of the height even though through a mask
There’s no doubt about it, nothing to ask.
And once we reach, it’s another level of achievement
All the difficult journey then seems like pavement.
Life is just another mountain climb
It’s steep and difficult but it’s a faithful climb.
Keep going until you die
For if you want to, there’s nothing like “why?”


I’m confused!


For I really can’t understand, where my mind is

I really don’t understand this thought frizz.

What should I have clarity about?

Why is it wrong if I still have a doubt?

Everything will go to waste,

But I can’t make any decision in haste.

I’m blaming myself, I’m regretting about nothing

What is the courage everyone is talking about? It must be something.

Am I choosing the right path?

I can’t know it before walking it, I can just see one path.

What if it’s all wrong at the end?

Will I be considered wrong too, will I lose all the earned commend?

I might be making a mistake,

But isn’t retake better than applying a brake?

I don’t know what next

I just know I can’t stop here there has to be a next.

I know this is not the right place or time

And I want to do something big and sublime.

There are many names of success

Can I be one too with practice and progress?


Missing you is the last thing on my list. Yet,Β I miss you right from the start.


No matter how close to my heart you stay

I know you’re still away.

I wake up hoping to see you lying beside me

I don’t know if I want you or I just want we.

No sort of work keeps your thought away from me

It’s your voice I want to listen to, your face I want to see.

It’s not like there isn’t life or world without you

It’s just that you complete me and I miss you.

It isn’t like I want you here always and forever

But your absence does make me sad however.

For there have been days and nights I’ve spent without you

Though I don’t want anymore of those, I’ll be true.

Yes, I want you close and I want it now

I don’t even think it’s a want, it’s a need somehow.

I need to hug you, to make me feel better

I don’t mind if this is me, I don’t mind being the go getter.

Because, after all you’re my reward and you’re my present

I don’t think anything else will ever affect and I’m being decent.

Distance doesn’t matter when it comes to you

I wish you were here or I was there with you.