Personalize It!

I was thinking of making a gift for my dad today. A keepsake, a handmade, a useful little gift.


Dad always said, “Don’t gift a writer a pen or a book.

Would you gift chocolates to a cook?”

He’s always been an idol

Also always the most ideal.

He said, “A writer carries his magic along

He doesn’t require a book to hold it along.”

He said, “A chef’s magic is not in the cutlery, it is in his hands.”

He has made the most out of my life, he also understands.

For once today I felt, dad was a lot more difficult than mother

For, I would make my mom a special gift in one way or another.

However dad is a simple being with so much strength

That made me wonder at length.

Then I thought of what he always said

And that’s exactly where my mind lead.

Don’t buy a strong heart an armour.

Instead, buy them a soft pillow or a stirrer to stir.

For they know the best about which shaving cream to use

And we know the best about them and we can choose.

Today I know, how to choose the perfect gifts

A keepsake, a handmade, something that really uplifts.



I’m not just someone special. I’m a doyenne.


Have you applauded with them as they applaud for you?

Did you look in people’s eyes while they cried for you?

Have you stood there on the field without shields to meet you fans

“I’m sorry, I have some other plans.”

Isn’t that exactly what we do

When we get the life we always wanted to?

We run from love towards fame or more fame

Was that really our plan when we started playing the game?

That’s the reason for realisation today

For I might be one out of a million in life’s way.

Yet, I want to be a doyenne with a heart

And not just someone special from the start.


For I can’t think about a “Maybe” in my story.


Why don’t you have a Plan B?

Because I never thought of maybe.

Even if it’s water, it is crystal clear for me

It’s a right or a left that I can guarantee.

It is a yes or a no

It is just right or wrong or nothing so.

It is black and white they meet to form grey

It is today, tomorrow and everyday.

So I form my way that depends on my journey and destination

There is just no between confusion.

For ‘may or may not’ does not control my life

For my decisions are not a strife.

They are me, they describe my character

That’s exactly what makes me merrier.

Happiness is the principle that I live my life by

So there never was and never will be a Plan B that I don’t deny.

For there’s always a one track mind that thinks inside my brain

And it states a vivid idea today again.

The Fun We Had!

I have an exam tomorrow and we were playing cards until the previous ten minutes.


Being with family is such a beautiful thing
It’s a blessing or an above blessing something.
The feeling of being together, even when we’re hitting each other
Is like the most joyful moment that can’t be gained in way any other.
The laughter and smiles all around
The love by which we’re bound.
One of us is now settled in a far corner of the world
Yet for each of us, everyone means the world.
The love that holds us together and binds us into one
Is something through which I’m becoming into a strong someone.
No matter how my exam goes tomorrow and no matter if I pass or fail
I know I will never fall frail.
For I have the support of people who love me
For they know in the longer run of life, I will be
The something that I’m wishing for
As they’re my strength, my inner core.


Have you ever seen glitter?


I know, “I’m talking about bling”

No there hasn’t been any upswing.

It’s just another day and another new story

There’s nothing new nor is there any history.

It’s just that it’s been too long now

Or maybe I feel, it somehow.

That it’s been a long time since I’ve shined

You know, the too long when you’ve stayed behind.

It’s been ages I’ve performed

And it’s been a long time since I’ve transformed.

Into this bright star that doesn’t wish to wait anymore

That wants to show the world what it’s got like a galore.


So it’s the performance that matters not the position.


I’ve always wanted results more than fame
Whether it is studies or just an evening cards game.
It doesn’t matter what profile you’re on
Until you can beat the score at the lawn.
What matters is experience not name
Everyone has a name, every young pretty dame.
It doesn’t matter if I was at the top once
What matters is can I repeat the same results today in abundance?


Just do it, make it, be it.


For being like someone was never my choice
I just wanted to be my own voice.
Just be as I want to be, where I want to be
Be someone exactly like me.
They ask me for my inspiration
And I am my only motivation.
I want to be better than myself
I want to be that oneself.
To who the world look ups to
To the one, who shines the way it’s wants to.
I don’t want to be a star that lives far away
I want to be a star that one wishes to see everyday.
I don’t want fame or name or play a money game
I just want to make my own aim.
I just want to make my dream come true
Of being myself for everyone else has already been taken too.