The most learned, generous, loving and noble people you’ve ever met are likely those people who’ve known defeat, known heartbreak of losing someone, known suffering, and have build their way out of their own bottoms of complete loss.


Rocks hit us, we fall down, deep beneath the ground at times

but we forget the most basic facts and don’t even try most of the times.

Fact of EXPERIENCE that chooses us to make us aware of how strong we are

experience that never gets planned, no matter how much planning we do and until how far.

Reality of PAIN and how it demands to be felt

we never want to feel it because we think it’s foul, we pretend being strong we don’t want to melt.

Actuality of MINDSET that knows that life can’t be perfect

to believe in the life we wish to live, even if no one else believes on that aspect.

Truth of FEAR, that seldom exists

which makes us realize that there’s courage lying deep inside our soul that we desist.

Certainty of SITUATIONS that come to make us understand

that we have the power to change them, with responsibilities, them we can withstand.

Point of PRESENT that tells us, it is the only time that has to be dealt

‘Past was better’ or ‘future will be good’ is not where needs to be the seat-belt.

Factor that great things need TIME

patience brings the right gratitude, instant value is never prime.

Feature that ACCURACY can’t be judged by others

Success is what we define for ourselves, not what is defined for us by others.

Fact that we believe in most but, is the most untrue

ALONE we believe we are, when others are fighting tougher battles than we do.

Life isn’t easy but is ours and should be valued

the most outstanding blessing is we’re breathing now and it’s always devalued.


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