“A smile goes a long way!” Have you ever wondered of the wonders it can do?


The only contagious thing that lightens our mood, in fact makes it better

It’s priceless fortune that shines right under our nose, it’s the weather setter.

That infant from miles away makes me delighted, makes my day

Pulls issues out of my mind, reminds me of a better way.

The old woman out there smiling as beautifully as ever

She hasn’t received much in hers, but teaches me how to live my life ahead however.

That handsome boy maybe has plenty troubles running in mind too

Yet his smile is pleasing others, he’s making them happy all through.

That little girl over there, doesn’t know much about tears yet

She falls deliberately to gain some attention and grins now I bet.

That beautiful girl right across makes me wish she was mine

Her smile makes me glare at her, can’t take off eyes, want to hold on time.

The old man walks so swiftly with a twinkle on his face

He’s spreading charm, he’s adding so much grace.

I know not now, why was I crying until today

When there’s so much to smile about, that puts sorrows away.

Confidence, attractiveness, success, happiness

One SMILE delivers so much in so little, so less.

These smiles said so much more than words could

They conveyed life to me, they did so much good.

I’ll spread this goodness, I’ll spread it now, today

We already know, ‘A smile goes a long way!’


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