Maybe because he held a place in her thoughts that no one else could.


Love is definitely something

But, I don’t know how a temporary feeling becomes everything.

It’s like life, here today and gone tomorrow

It’s an emotional rush, like you don’t know, it’s happiness or sorrow. 

A connection or infatuation

Even real admiration needs a vacation.

At times we walk strong with smiles on

We don’t need such breaks, without them we shine on.

But a pause isn’t that bad too, if you ponder

Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

It makes us think about that someone who’d always win us over

 And let us win their hearts moreover.

About that one person whose arms are shelter and the most safest place to be

And whose one smile makes all our troubles flee.

To think how important their presence is to us

To think how their presence changes ‘just me’ to just us.

To know how much of us within is them, yet them we miss

To remember how they lighten our gloomy days with a simple kiss.

To know that you cannot let them go

To know how happy you’re with them and without them so low.

No chance comes twice, so grab it at first

Don’t assume a break to be an end, don’t make best of your life worst.

Distance doesn’t matter until all of us are under the same sky

Love slowly, cherish it, there’s still time for goodbye!



To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to be loved by a person you love… is everything.


No easy task

Not even that difficult if you ask.

To make someone a part of your heart and soul

It happens usually without control.

They touch you deep inside

Even before you know it well from outside.

Dreams come true for real

With passion, affection, admiration or zeal.

Pages in the story of our life are owned by that someone we love

They hold a place deep bottom in our hearts and in our thoughts all above.

They come in our life for a reason, in some season

They might come and become a part much beyond that reason.

We might find them on the first or last page isn’t that well defined

But on the canvas of our life they are the best color designed.

They are sometimes our little secret, sometimes they are our only famous personality

A little weird but at some point, even our mind loses rationality.

You can’t look for them because they’re destined to meet you in an awkward manner

Don’t go out to find them, you can’t bang into your life’s sharer with a planner.

Stop looking around and just be yourself

Someone was born out there for you, who likes just you as oneself.

Simple and kind, love might be blind

It makes us fall but holds us on, it’s very determined.

Smile, look up, be you, hold onto that rareness

There is someone waiting there to share a corner of tenderness.


Whining over little to medium to immense circumstances has been in my blood ever since I was born.


Aren’t we all just ceaseless complainers

Senseless consumers.

It seems so mighty at first to complaint and get out of the topic

Cranky, sad and at times we act so chaotic.

As if that “chocolate” was just meant for me

As if I’ll die if I don’t get that “little black dress” you see?

As if the earth will rotate upside down if I can’t go on a “holiday”

As if my “life will end” if I stop complaining about it, each and every day.

Why do we behave so bizarre when we have so much more than so many others do

There are so many social illnesses around us. But, we really just want our favourite chewing-gum to chew.

Who ever cared, what this protesting, moaning or bleating was doing to us

We feel we became strong by giving something up, but no we never realise what it has made us.

But, that great effect of giving something up and complaining about it doesn’t last long

We can’t hold enough, we’re soon guilty about it, we aren’t that strong.

But it’s tough to give up on complaining right?

We make ourselves weak, and make stronger our “so-called” plight.

“My trip gets cancelled, yet all my friends go

Who’s at fault? I will definitely feel low.”

But you know what’s the best way to count our blessings?

To be able to lose what we like with a big heart, to do away with cravings?

Is to know that the path ahead is better for us and we can walk it with pride

A little more care and the grass will be greener on our side.

We need to give all we have to get something at times

Today we just have to give up on complaining and wait to live more than one lifetimes.


Doubt yourself and they will doubt you! Judge yourself and they will judge you too! Judge them they will judge you more. Rather build stronger your own core. 


Judging someone can be negative or positive

Judging is a behaviour and happens naturally, it’s not some motive

I judge because I don’t know that person well enough yet

My judgement makes it easy for me to understand the person, all set.

I judge when I don’t gel well, my values and principles differ

I think ill without knowing the other’s life struggle, I never consider

I judge when my identity is lost, I judge because I’m jealous

I don’t see achievement then, only faults in me, in the other I witness zealous.

I don’t think I can stop judging, my mind doesn’t think even once before doing that

But there’s yet something “I” can combat.

Judging someone who we don’t know well enough isn’t negativity

All our assumptions or thoughts go away when we get to know them with abundance of positivity.

Judging someone with a different set of values brings in the pessimism

What’s wrong for me maybe the most form of right for someone else, accepting this fact turns it to optimism.

Judging someone because of their achievement, power or simply good work

Keeps me away from my identity, from my self-belief I run and lurk.

But, after knowing what judging others or myself has done to me

I guess loving myself is a better form of me.

Self-worth or self-love definitely does not come to us just like that

But it’s yet not difficult to find our hat.

To find what’s good in us, good in me, good to make us happy

It certainly takes us away from all that judging so unhappy

I might be less smart, I might not be beautiful at all

But I can go around and say I’m unique and that matters in all.

Just because ‘She’ is more intelligent, why should I flee

I can learn something from her too, and stop being that JUDGEMENTAL me!

Give Me Your Hand!

I criticize, I scold, I taunt, I comment, I remark to make them improve.Father-Daughter1

How difficult is life to you because of the people around?

Does your dad behave like a boss? Are you by rules, bound?

How often do you hide your likes and dislikes?

Do you like cars more than the bikes?

Well I know how it feels to get scolded for not being good

Or maybe not being as good as you probably should

Or maybe for doing something that you felt was right

Or to listen to your heart and fly the kite.

At times, we get rebuked for something we might have never done

At times criticized much more than the mistake we made, shot by a harsh word gun

At times we’re remarked for putting forward wrong behaviour

 And these remarks are expected to be taken, no give away, no saviour.

What do we do in such times?

When words hit us hard, and hard enough sometimes?

I cry to bed, that’s my way of forgetting crimes

Crimes I never did, yet oceans I cry in those critical times.

But now I know my tears are precious

And criticising remarks are too gems semiprecious

Because they do me good when I think positive

They lift me from that dirt so negative.

But I also know how hard it has been

To clean that dirt away, easy it never did seem.

So I know I will not pass it on I will not scold or scream

Everyone makes mistakes, even rivers go the opposite direction to come back as upstream.

So why not lift that mind with motivation rather than criticism?

Why not inculcate a value with happiness mechanism?

Don’t bury a new thought, like yours was buried in the sand

Give that thought the right path, give that child your hand. 

90 Seconds!

“Why do you think so much about future? Live this very moment more profoundly now” he said.


Did we know earlier of all the mishaps that have happened with us in the past?

Then why do we think about future so much, that too will not last.

What we remember without counting are moments and not days

We remember the times we lived with craze.

If to earn comes first to love your child

Love first, you’ll earn everything with just his smile and all your worries may turn mild.

If to keep your home clean, to dust is a must

Do it for yourself but don’t keep him waiting, let that iron rust.

If to run now is important, then run hard

But remember not to look back at what you’ve missed. Miss it with high regard.

Live the moment by doing what you’re doing with complete satisfaction

Don’t react when time passes, respect your every action.

Don’t miss that sunset, capture it today

There may be many more to come but not as beautiful as today.

Dance on your favourite track, kiss slowly, laugh loudly, be you

There’s no better gift than the present and it is true.

Climb mountains, swim rivers, read a book, plant a new seed

You’ll smile later too when you remember this moment indeed.

Difference between our wants and needs are just distractions

A moment is just 90 seconds.


For the circle, this earth, that ring and my love for you don’t have an end.


“How much do you love me?

How much of me lies in our WE?”

When I thought of how much I love you, I couldn’t measure it myself too

Because our love wouldn’t break and would go beyond the morning hue.

You cross my mind and heart at the same time

Your smile makes my life something really sublime.

A hundred hearts may fall short for me to secure all the love you share

I can walk a zillion hundred miles with just your care.

There couldn’t be a better gift than you from heaven’s above for me

 I find myself safe with you, even when you’re afar, in your heart you let me be.

Finding you or the hero of my life is sure not just a fairytale

But having you is life, because I breathe when you inhale.

I was never this able that you’ve made me today

I’ll walk beside you all my life, on every path, every way.

No hug, no kiss, no touch will ever be enough to tell you how special you are

On that dark night, you’re my shining star.

I’ll live my life with you and you will reside in my heart

I always will love you the way I loved you at the start.

Call me crazy, call me a fool, call me stupid, call me insane

But I’ll love you till the end, now and again.

I don’t intend to pretend

 For the circle, this earth, that ring and my love for you don’t have an end.