Read Me A Story!

A small incident of how a mother convinced her child to read a book over watching television in a poetic manner.

Read Me A Story!

“I don’t like reading” she said furiously

“I want to watch TV” this time curiously.

“Books are boring” showing sorrow

“They’ll all look the same, even tomorrow.”

What can one do when those innocent little kids

Tell different stories with their eyelids?

This is how her mother explained

To which the child smiled and silently remained.

“When you read about your princess in the book

You make a picture of how she would look.

How beautiful her eyes would be, how would be her hair

How pretty would her face be, would she look fair?

But when you watch TV, they make their own princess

She looks the same for everyone, more or less

She’s not just for you, she’s a princess for everyone

She’s not like you would want, she’s just someone.

When I tell you a story, my frog looks yellow and yours looks green

Tell me what’s better the same boring story or a land unseen?”

Very convincingly her mother freed imaginations and glory,

And the child replied, “Please, read me a story.”



Because, after a very long time I found out why it was important for me to be me.


A very affluent businessman once said,

to be successful and earn good bread

you should always try and be yourself first

be brave in being who you are, unrehearsed.

That made me realize, where I stood

when I always wanted to be understood.

I couldn’t become like someone to make them happy

while I was actually feeling irate and snappy.

It was okay if my laugh was weird

it was okay if my speech was absurd.

It was okay if I couldn’t blend in

I was delighted being me, within.

We got created differently to be different

we couldn’t all look identical, feel the same and then be different.

We were all born discrete to be unique

we were born to encourage and critique.

Then why look down on being someone else

why not be someone who really helps?

The best thing is in doing something no one else will

to be the uncommon and original self that values could instill.


How easily do we say, “Hang on a mo”? But today, I’d like to ask you to not even waste that one moment.


He stood there everyday to see her pass by

She walked past everyday to see him nearby.

He waited until the perfect day to let her know

She wouldn’t return one day, little did he know.

Life is a short story even if the book if of gold

Time is everything, it even makes gold worn and old.

One can wait forever for the storm to pass

 But forever isn’t the time that the rains will last.

We never know if it’s now or worth the wait

We never know when it can get too late.

Perfect moments come and go

Create your moment, make it so.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Do it right away, say it right now, what’s fate?

Waiting for Friday, waiting for vacation

Waiting for someone to love you, causation.

Say it out, don’t wait for the movement of the crowd

Maybe it isn’t time yet, maybe it is. Just say it aloud.


When was the last time when you did something for the first time?


Injured, sitting outside the tennis court with a bleeding knee

Crying with a covered face, no idea where would I be.

Some were laughing, some were watching me with pity

Some were empathizing while some were showing sympathy.

But there was one person who didn’t say a word then

The one who let me cry in peace even among them.

He sat right beside but showed no care nor stress on his face

I had more rivers flowing from my eyes when he showed just no grace.

My hero was right next to me who showed just no sorrow

He just saw me and my better tomorrow.

He asked me the reason I was crying so much

Was it the ache of the knee or not being able to play as such?

His words stopped the flow of my tears making me reflect

On the reason for my gloom, reason for my regret.

It wasn’t the pain of the bleeding knee, it was my disability

He trusted me when I said, it wasn’t much of pain, he knew my ability.

I asked him whether I could still play and not worry or cry

And Dad said, “You will never know until you try.”

I am happy and proud today even though then I lost

Because I know I tried, I know the cost.

It doesn’t matter whether I failed or I passed

What matters is could I outlast?

Had my dad not been there to show me the hurt knee was of no contempt

I would be repenting today that I made no attempt.

Mind Scars!

How do you deal with your mind scars?


Recently I met with a peracute accident

Soon wounds scarred my skin due to the incident.

But more than the scars on my skin

The scars in my mind took me for a spin.

They were acute, discrete and prominent

They could become unforgettable and dominant.

Haven’t you too felt the same?

When some severe life moments play a game?

Play with your thoughts until you fight them

And they definitely don’t easily condemn.

A scar of a lie or an unintended mistake

 Scars that cause the heart to ache.

The ones that came without any faults

The ones that put our life to halts.

I feel I’ve had all these scars on my mind

And they’ve been really unkind.

They’ve made me cry a thousand tears

They’ve made me bog in life for a few years.

So how do you confront these improper scars

That are hidden somewhere behind the bars.

 I found a way that wasn’t so easy but was kind

To shoo the scars away, off my mind.

It was to create a better memory to erase the old

To create a new life, living or even a goal of gold.

To do something that would make you achieve

And forget everything that put you down or deceive.

 It isn’t always easy to come up from accidents in life

It sure must be a tough situation, an absolute strife.

But there’s always another way to reach those stars

Just let go of your mind scars.


It’s in the darkest of nights that we see the brightest of stars.


I was never afraid of the dark

Even if the dogs howled instead of their usual bark

Nights kept me as happy as bright sunny days

They taught me more values in many more ways

There was nothing more beautiful than being under the starry skies

To be far away from all the truths and lies

Even more beautiful was to sit on the sea shore and watch the moon’s reflection

The night had always caught my affection

Sleeping on wet grass and watch the sky of fireworks was the best new year

When the moon would hide behind clouds and come back the next night, very sincere

A mug of coffee and a book to read under the moonlight

Were the best things to do, they always caused delight

Weren’t the nights always more calmer than the days

So silent, peaceful and with God’s little haze

In fact it caused the best thing ever

The dreams that could be lost never

Then why and how did darkness become so evil

Why and how did darkness mark upheaval

Rather it gave me strength to fight back strong a new morning

Which after the alluring night was even more adorning.


For there are some bonds that entangle you with love and sometimes even strength. Sometimes it’s us who don’t want to leave and sometimes it’s them whom we cannot let go. Entangled and strangled so close, that life doesn’t seem alright when we’re free somewhere far away.


We never know where, when or how paths meet

In a classroom, in office or maybe the back home street.

It’s so strange to find love in someone we never knew

To be truly loved by that special one, who never knew us too.

To be too close to live a life together

And to be too far to see one self as someone another.

It’s like, they either take our souls away with our hearts

Or give us a fragment of theirs that without them we feel we’re in two parts.

How someone becomes everyone and everything else becomes unimportant

How two personas connect and become into one something important?

How can a heart feel something and beat faster when they’re around?

What is it that makes it know it’s keeper is somewhere in the surround?

Isn’t it unusual to feel pain in someone’s absence

And to be calm in the most dreadful situations in their presence?

Isn’t it disturbing to fall in love and give yourself to someone else

Or is it some kind of magic that you fall but you don’t know, some kind of spells.

When we say we’re falling in love

Don’t we realize that falling hurts and we’re no dove.

Or maybe it’s so joyous, that we don’t mind the hurt

But being with someone who can steal your heart gives the courage to assert.

I don’t know if it’s beautiful or hideous to do this settlement

I don’t know whether it’s pleasing or painful but I adore this entanglement.