He felt the surge of anxiety.


Why just he or she?

Let’s talk about me.

I feel anxious at every step of my life

At times even grass feels like knife.

Nobody ever knows about the voices in my head

Or about all the times I’ve cried myself to bed.

Nobody knows how I deal with my failures

No one can understand my fear lying below all layers.

But don’t we all face the same

The same old anxiety game.

The game that makes us want to quit on every step

Or it makes us feel like we’ve taken a misstep.

So how do we deal with it

What can we do to face it?

The answers lie in the question

Face it to make a balanced equation.

When we do what we fear the most

We can do everything from pillar to post.

Whether people trust us or don’t

Whether people don’t respect and still won’t.

We should focus on what we feel is right

Take the step, even if it’s hazy or you’re out of sight.

Anxiety isn’t evil or bad

Then why does it make us feel sad?

 A little doubt is always good

Of all consequences we feel understood.

If what went wrong becomes a question

Go ahead in expression not in depression.



A thought when repeats itself a few times it transforms into an idea. Even a thought needs transformation, then don’t we?


It’s been a very long time

Since I started wasting time

Wasting time even without any fun

Showing no care, everything undone.

A lazy soul, with dreams stuck in head

Crouched potato lying until late in bed.

No this isn’t really my story

Neither was any part of my history.

This just is a worst case situation

I feared could be a part of me with duration.

So I mapped down my life

Wasn’t easy, could twist the knife.

But it did prove one sign right

Yes my dreams were stuck in sight.

I was working hard without a goal

I was putting in my heart and soul.

Working to live or living to work?

One question, made life seem murk.

It made me realize growth really mattered

Striving hard, no reward meant slavery unuttered.

What was the ray of hope?

Was there an achievement scope?

Sometimes we can’t understand

The framework of life where we stand.

It doesn’t always work according to our plans

Maybe life isn’t at all in our hands.

But one little thing sure is

In our control says, no whizz.

But we all already know

How to shape our life to grow.

To smile at the age of five or eighty-five

We all need that one light to survive.

To certainly feel happy and alive

Is to grow, flourish and thrive.


We all have a big dream, an ambition, an aspiration to fulfill right? After years of changes in my dreams, changes in my plans, I finally know today what my greatest desire is. Do you?Desire

Keeping all those hobbies aside,

Times to rest that I’ve failed and cried.

Moments that took so much planning

And not working agendas too, maddening.

Today, when I find what I really want to do

I know this time it’s not just a vague goal new.

I know this will be in my list until I achieve

This desire will not cause me a waste or any deceive.

I know it isn’t easy but sure is worth a few trials

It’s sure going to cause me a few denials.

A lot many difficulties, maybe some more planning

But this time I tell myself, it isn’t going to be saddening.

This desire that I carry now in my heart

I wish it was there in me from the start.

I wouldn’t have to fight the world if I had this one goal

Achieved as a part of me, in my soul.

This dream that each one of us can own

That costs much less than the pride sown.

The dream of being happy when I grow

The dream of carrying a smile wherever I go.

The dream of being the human I’ve seen inside me

The dream of holding peace for everyone I see.

Dreams come to me in sleep and vanish when I wake

But this dream of being happy won’t remain just at stake.

I will do what makes me happy, without strife and fight

I will live my life, like I like, the bright light.

It isn’t easy to quit getting angry or sad

And I know it isn’t that bad.

But the task is, can I smile when someone puts me down

Can I still be happy and not frown?

Can I not be tough to show the strength in me

Rather be gentle and let the world itself see?


There was a time I came across stories, read them, shared my opinion with a few friends and put them aside.

Books_bokeh_hd_wallpaper-wideToday when I look back and see myself

See how easily I judged those endeavored arts on my shelf.

Whether it was a story book or an art piece

I didn’t look deep or behind the expertise.

Don’t we all do the same?

Whether it’s an art or a sport or a game?

We all criticize our favorite stars

Forgetting how they’ve come up through difficult life scars.

 We all comment and sometimes compliment their recent works

Forgetting how life has given them jerks.

Today when I write myself and think of the difficulties I face

I realize, for the stars who gave me light, I never showed grace.

The respect they needed, the affection they required

Was never a spontaneity, what they have now acquired.

Because the best an actor can do today

Was found in him years back, beyond a long-long way.

Yes, we all come up great heights

But the worst we face is during the downfall fights.

So when I write today in front of the world on these blogs

Wouldn’t be a great deal if I didn’t have those night slogs.

The difficult exercises an athlete goes through

Or the expressions that make an actor look true.

The practices that make us fall and rise again

That never let the audience know about the effort behind them.

The most difficult parts of an achiever’s life

Can never been seen, all that hidden strife.

The difficulties that actually cause life threat 

The struggles, troubles are all behind the scenes, as sweat.


We usually hurt ourselves with small petty little things that shouldn’t matter much.


It isn’t easy to stay happy always

To stay calm in all situations and ways.

It isn’t easy to always smile

It is good to cry out loud too once in a while.

But do you know, I found a way to find lost smiles

To stay calm while sailing the sea of crocodiles.

To live composed and without fear

To show your love and get back much love with care.

The only way to not lose that smile

Is to hold on a while.

Hold on the sorrow, depression, frustration or anger

To know what must have gone wrong without a heart piercing dagger.

Most of the times, we hurt ourselves

Those moments of misunderstandings stack up on our shelves.

How would life be with joy all around

When we all kept the precious tears precious and smiles we found.

When we stayed calm in all those moments we can’t stand

And stay relaxed without blames and complaints to understand.