Keep Moving!

I know it’s easy to preach than to practice but, I’d yet like to share a story that has always inspired me to undertake not giving up!


Spell “ASSASSINATION”! Indicated the teacher to her class

One word, she said could make them pass.

A-S-A… ‘INCORRECT.. Please sit’

One letter at fault she wouldn’t let them fit.

Stood another child trying to take the lead

‘Are you sure for your speech?’ his confidence mislead.

Trembling with fear of the teacher and their grades

The little minds couldn’t make effort to remove the barricades.

The loud noise of the school bell relieved their hearts off fear

As the teacher was leaving, stood firm a little one so near.

A-S-S-A-S… as she begin to spell

‘Haven’t you really heard the bell?’

A-S-S-A-S-S-I-N-A… she tried again

‘You’re quite late, you should’ve answered then.’

A-S-S-A-S-S-I-N-A-T-I-O-N she spoke with the speed of a bullet

The teacher turned back, her voice in the gullet.

‘Perfect!’ she said, congratulating the child

Content and confident now she smiled.

Just because all others even the stronger gave up

She didn’t wish to downturn the cup.

She tried and retried

Not so tough, but had a stride.

When she as a little one had the power to face

Why do we as grown-ups lose the grace.

Situations are not that easy now

But we can still keep moving somehow.

To give up is easier and takes no time

But let’s try the tougher route to turn ridicule to sublime!



What comes to your mind first when you see this word “delay”? ‘HURRY’ came to mine. But gradually I realized that since every coin has two sides this one had one too.


Delay sometimes means no follow-up at all

Later, tonight, tomorrow, meant no call.

Everyone says ‘Tomorrow occurs never’

I think saying it to delay is a way too clever.

So then I took a step one day

For I really wanted to delay.

Wanted to delay anger, anguish and pain

As it is they cause no gain.

I stopped in silence for a moment or two

Realizing I wasn’t really angry, just annoyed to blue.

I sat for a minute and closed my eyes

Tears didn’t flow cause I wasn’t really hurt, I’d just assumed whys.

I waited behind the car and carefully listened to what she said

Had I not let her talk at all… in a moment sorrows would shed.

I rested on my sofa without blink or thought

So soon realized that I would have uttered bad or fought.

It’s difficult at times to really understand

To wait, analyze, and then firm stand.

We utter too quick

No time to wait and think.

But what if we can delay

Maybe situations don’t fall and there just lay.

So much anger, so much soreness

Don’t we have much more to give something like happiness?

Let’s just delay and stay calm

We’re not losing anything out of our palm!

Did you say ‘No’?

Well, I’ve recently met a bunch of people who find it extremely hard to say a word of one syllable and two letters of the alphabet. Is it that difficult? I’ve said NO quite a few times…


Introvert, can’t really stand so tall and confident at the drop of a pin

When I say a “Yes” I don’t really seem the win.

But, it comes to my mind first

Let times be crucial, let situations be worst.

I’ve been in times where I was following around five yeses

Doing a bad job in all, stretched too thin, without guesses.

It kills to say a NO

Especially when there are such worthy opportunities and you know.

But the other option is… do more and a bad job at each one

Take little satisfaction back home by saying DONE.

No focus, more stress

Life completely a mess.

Instead, be ruthless and say a ‘no’

Say your stomach is too full to swallow more.

Be determined on one and serve exceptionally

Time, energy, brain drain so much can reduce unconditionally.

All you’ve gotta practice is stay punctilious

Only then you can attain a place even in denial so illustrious.

Inane Tongue!

It takes about two years to learn how to speak but around a complete lifetime to learn what to speak…


Reaction to annoyance means no thought before utter

Fake smiles, fake concerns means so much butter.

Necessity or sincerity makes words so important

Talking meaningless makes them worthless and so unimportant.

Assumptions and judgements cause the most harm

Why so much doubt to disown the charm.

Words cause less than actions do

But they can’t be taken back too.

Be wise and talk when you have ‘something to say’

Rather than when you have to ‘say something’ really hay way.

Sympathy causes nothing, nothing more than disgust

Empathize if you really feel the situation to be unjust.

The tongue has no bones but is strong enough to break a heart

Being kind in a world so cruel is such a beautiful art.

A word, a sentence, a comment or compliment

Be sure what you want to do, make way or create a bent.


A face tells us a million stories and we see a million faces each day! Imagine we’re roaming around with 10 million stories in the head but don’t have one to convey!


The face that has a smile leading it confidently

Or maybe to cover the pain inside prominently.

The face with twinkling eyes with so much to say

Or maybe they cried last night that’s why something to convey.

The face looking at the sun so strong to make shadow fall behind

Or maybe searching for some force for those eyes blind.

The face with faith all over that no one can touch

Or maybe that face has learned too much.

Let’s say a face doesn’t remain the same

That isn’t something to blame that wasn’t the aim.

A smile definitely goes a long way

But is it long enough going to stay?

It’s all about how we see

Do we see the love behind the angry?

The Magic Of Living!

Life comes once, goes once. Gives every moment once! So let’s live it ONCE!


We tend to visit places, we just want to see

We set ourselves free, buzzing like a bee

Love destinations, but there’s a key

PAST is sure not a good place to be.

People are different, at times indifferent

Some stay calm, some belligerent

Their kind with you, with other may be stringent

Do what’s your good, THEIR OPINIONS are contingent.

You’re as good as the other walking around

You’re not the only who needs to put baggage down

Don’t be weak and walk with a face-down

Give time TIME TO HEAL, it matters don’t frown.

We remember price but not the value

Have a time for silence, for self to revalue

Happiness comes from within, find it, can you

If HAPPINESS you can own no one can be successful than you.

Some have been kind to you, but you be to all

Don’t wait for a moment, don’t wait for a call

Time runs out… it doesn’t crawl

DON’T JUDGE others their behind their own WALL.

God has given you problems only you can fight

Stay calm and throw right light

It’s not so easy to win every fight

DON’T THINK MUCH it’s okay to have some plight.

Problems come, problems go

There are friends there are foe

Be good, be you, let people grow

EVERYONE HAS TROUBLES you’re not the only thirsty crow.

Mashed Potatoes!

Were peeled and boiled thus mashed!


Dad called me to the kitchen one day

Asked me to hold a potato and stay.

He took another and peeled it fine

I definitely understood there were potatoes for dine.

He asked me to compare the both

I saw one peeled other covered as per my growth.

He then asked me which one had more value

‘The one peeled’ I said, it could be readily cooked I knew.

He put it to boil and questioned again

‘The one getting boiled’ I answered then.

He let it cool and mashed it almost aggressively

And inquired again progressively.

I felt the same and stuck to my reply

‘The one mashed now’ I said with little sigh.

He had a smile and now made me understand

To why he called me to watch potatoes and stand.

He said people may hurt you so much like

I peeled, boiled and mashed potatoes with dislike.

But value increases with potential

So don’t lose strength in the initial.

Potatoes taste best when mashed

But does not mean they are trashed.

So don’t lose hope if you’re treated not right

Smile and be polite because you’ll then be more bright!