The Beach!

I love the beach.

I love walking on the beach

Love the waves that push themselves really hard to come to my reach.

The sand, that not only makes me feel connected to the ground

But also because it makes my presence feel important with every step on the ground.

The air makes me feel the sand across my face

It tells me someday I’ll be a part of it with grace.

The sharp shells that pinch every time I walk on them

They make me realise that my problems are as small as them.

The sun shines bright, as I look at the glistening waves

It teaches me the meaning of what life takes.

I build castles here of mere sand

Wondering someday they’ll be big enough, for me to stand.

But this beach also makes me perceive

That some dreams make us very proud while some get washed away long before we perceive.

I lie under the palm tree and it releases my pain

It tells me that’ll be just mine, for me and with me during loss and gain.


The Best Things!

The best things happen to those who make them happen.

Life is a big story made of tiny little words.

A chaotic universe of two worlds.

A place where so many people live

A place where most take and some give.

In this place almost everyone is busy

I can’t understand what they really do, it makes me dizzy.

Some leave everything in life, for their dreams

And some don’t even know, what is it that they want, their real dreams.

Some know what they want but aren’t in the right place

And some of us just don’t get space.

But you know what, we all have something really common

Even common sense in this case is lesser common.

That one singular similarity lies in all our minds

That one thing makes us the alike kinds.

It is the desire to grow, to make something out of life

To look forward, work hard, push ourselves and even strife.

And the silliest mistake we always do, is wait

While we need to make things happen and not quite wait at the gate.

If you love someone, say it. It’s your dream and your time

To make it come true and make it sublime.

Want something, state it.

Time is just here and now, just be wise to make it.


Why do we get disheartened over small things or easily?


We get sad even with quite small instances at times

Because, people very close to us, say or do unacceptable things sometimes.

Sometimes what they would find as a very small circumstance

Seems really big for us, and we remember it for a lot of expanse.

These memories, become a core one and they upset us at various situations

They make us more sad, when we’re already sad at certain confrontations.

Why does this happen? This disheartening and sorrow.

Or even re-happen at times, leaving not much space for a fresh tomorrow.

Why do thoughts of it, play like a loop in our minds?

And when we tend to forget, something pops up and reminds.

The simplest reason for this sorrow, is expectation

We are not ready to accept what we get, because we already have an expectation.

Things don’t happen to us, we make them happen

We don’t get hurt, we hurt ourselves by making things happen.

Everyone has problems today, everyone is stressed

Everyone here is gifted too, everyone is blessed.

At times, what is said maybe unintentional or just a joke

It might provoke sorrow or cast your heart a sharp stroke.

While it’s always easy to feel bad, we should also understand

Why we feel bad, why can’t we withstand?


Aren’t are thoughts marvelous travelers?


I mean, from toe nail to fairy tale

I just don’t realize or perceive how they sail.

Most of the times I’m doing something but, thinking about another

At times it’s four to five tasks, yet these thoughts ponder on something other.

These thoughts are the best kind of travelers I must say

They also know whether I’m sad or happy and they work that way.

We’ve made it easy through a habit, to live in this complex body

If I get to understand it someday, I might give each part a different life, I might embody.

Anyway, coming back, my mind wandered as usual

It’s a tough thing to always stick to a point. it’s unusual.

That’s why we have a world full of emotions maybe

And traveling becomes an art and not just a desire to be.

It’s not just an idea to travel sometimes

It happens without a plan at times.

I find it good to wander, look around, find new routes

It makes me learn something new through my boots.

A Second!

Sometimes it takes a few years to smile again and sometimes not even a second.


Are you too in a fix about things to smile at or for?

Happiness or a smile has become subjective to the core.

We need reasons to smile for and we have million things to be worried about

We have stress running in each blood cell without much doubt.

Β We underestimate ourselves, we hate the work we do

We aren’t even living a life, we’re just existing like most others too.

We once had dreams, nowadays we don’t know when we’re off to sleep

Honestly, we aren’t left with any little time to sit and weep.

We can’t understand what we like and we hate almost every thing

We’re frustrated or irritated or angry almost everyday is a sure thing.

We have so much to smile about and rule over the ruining instances

But we won’t find happiness, instead we want to change the instances.

It’s just the story of one tiny second

It may start tomorrow, today, now, any second.

But we need to let it start and lead for it’s a life changing one

One second of happiness and smile can change something miserable to something outdone.

An Emotional State!

β€œAt the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou


There are plenty critics in this population of around Seven Billion

But there are quite a few encourage-rs out of those few billion.

Someone who would walk to you genuinely and say

That, “You look very pretty, Ma’am!” and make your day.

Someone who would make you feel good about yourself

Someone who might develop a connection, just by being oneself.

Someone who’s polite enough to respect the real you

Someone who’s generous and believes in you too.

In this world full of strangers, we might not know a single percent too

But how about a helping hand in making new friends and being you.

How about knowing the likes and opinions and just listening

Listening with literally all ears and smiling inside the head, glistening.

How about being courteous and finding the good about this world?

How about making them feel better, to do better with just one word?

It does make a difference and things do turn right

We don’t need to foresee or imagine, this can be a real sight.

We just need to be happy ourselves first to make things alright

To not just be practically involved but also be emotionally bright.