Chapters Of My Life!

Every book has good and bad chapters.


She walked along the pages of her book

And her footsteps wrote the words of her book.

She danced and drew and doodled around too

Her book was something special and different too.

And then she grew old and met people new

Who stayed for a few pages and then someone new.

Some stayed quite long and some held a little time

Some turned her book into a teardrop and some made it sublime.

She traveled and added pictures to the story

She had to much to say but now she created history.

Every book has chapters good and bad

She experienced them all and I’m glad.

She played along the pages of her book

AndΒ her footsteps wrote the words of her book.


The only thing that can bring an end to everything, every task, every relationship all at once, is mortality.


I’ve never considered death as a menace

I’m sure death too caries immense grace.

But what if it came tomorrow to me?

What if I know it’s coming to me?

Tough to react to a situation like that right?

Especially after all this glorious fight?

The fight to live better and rise with hope

The fight to get somewhere after a slippery slope?

Well, life was tough too but it always had beginnings

Even after loss it gave us too many innings.

Because, we were alive to see the next morning

To wake up to live a new day so adorning.

What would you do to make today special if it were last?

What would you forget and who would you forgive in your last?

Whom would you thank and whom would you kiss?

Whom would you give your life’s treasure and whom would you miss?

What would you eat and what would you wear?

Whom would you tell that you always did and still will care?

Well, do it now, for tomorrow never dies

And never comes a time to realize.

Realize that life is too short no matter how long it gets

It’s a blessing each day, no matter how tough it gets.

Begin today because an end has no story

Death isn’t evil but make it look like glory.


Just Good or Good Enough?


No matter how great life is with us, we’ll always find it ordinary

We’ll find our blessings and pleasures just quite ordinary.

One always fails to understand that necessity for us, is luxury for many

The money that is less for us, might be a blessing for someone as just a penny.

The love that is complicated for us, might be a need somewhere

The health that is a weakness for us might be the only treasure somewhere.

The thing here is, we try to make every amazing and awesome just a good

While we fail to understand that for someone, somewhere a good is just a lot too good.

We have to stop pitying on ourselves for we have a lot to give

We have to start living a life that wasn’t any ask but a give.

We have to understand that what we might own is a lot more than most souls

We have to believe that we can give more and take less from life goals.

It’s easy to think and difficult to practice I’d say

Yet, once you feel the joy of giving you’ll live every second of the day.

An ordinary “good” for us is an extraordinary best for someone

Live the best you can with goodness, so that it makes you a better someone.


Philosopher Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” And years later, Psychotherapist Sheldon Kopp remarked, “The unlived life is not worth examining.”


Studying these two quotes by such marvellous people

I found myself a non-existent soul according to these people.

I’m not blaming them, but unfortunately they’re right

And don’t take me wrong but here is quite a large fight.

Because most of my age peopleΒ might feel as I feel today

For we’re quite wasting the precious time of our lives everyday.

Until we examine, who we wish to be or what we wish to do

We’d be no one in a world of geniuses to be true.

And until we start living our lives to the fullest

There’d be nothing about us for the world, we’d just be a tourist.

I definitely don’t want to be someone who came to go

I want at least one hall of fame to know.

To know someone like me existed and made someone proud

If not the world I wish at least my country knows with what I’m endowed.

At this time, I don’t wish popularity nor do want any monetary gain

But is it really worth living a life just clicking pictures when it won’t return again?

Who wants a life that not many people even know of?

I don’t want to be a tourist, I want immeasurable love.

I want to exist and I want people know that I do

I want to be of some help to someone to be true.

Distract From Distractions!

I know it’s kind of funny and may seem difficult. But, it isn’t really that way.


The root cause of every problem practically resolves it to quite an extent

So what is the root cause of distraction and to what extent?

The causes of distraction are usually, boredom, discomfort or fear

And honestly, in this case there is nothing to fear dear.

It’s not advisable in this era to restrict oneself from all possible distractions

But avoiding them at a slow pace will soon keep us away from our distractions.

The pleasure of good work and play most of the times help us out

And there is a valuable change they bring about.

Distractions come to us, when there isn’t enough will to work

Or if there is will and dedication but to much murk at work.

Also it strikes us when we’re not as great socially as our peer these days

While there isn’t quite a need to do that yet these days.

Furthermore, distractions come quite easily when boredom resides within

Well, why not focus more and play harder to make boredom give in?


No films would be made without any action.


How far are you from your goal?

Is it set everywhere? Is it in your soul?

Are you in action or are you still waiting?

For the time keeps running, it’s restating.

You don’t need thoughts, you need ideas

So stop thinking, forΒ you are no Midas.

Get up and go for you have to achieve your dream

Free yourself from the world esteem.

Be responsible, be quick, work hard with grit

There isn’t anyone like you, so just befit.

Irrespective of what people say or feel

Go ahead for yourself, and close your eyes to feel.

Understand what you were born for

And get that straight to your core.

Imagine what you have to be

And stop reading this, just go and be.

Work hard for the time is now or never

Be bold, be you, be in action forever.


Moments will always fleet away with time.


I somehow feel I’ve stopped appreciating the time I have, for the time I will lose

I know it always quite depends on what we decide and what we wish to choose.

But, what exactly is the fun of losing this particular moment for a past memory?

Or losing this present minute or current second for a future happening story?

I feel that I don’t live my present quite well enough

Just by thinking how I will reach to the next one, which is tough.

At times we don’t enjoy the present ourselves because of sharing it socially

The social need of taking us forward to trends is increasing expeditiously.

Imagine a sunset, beautifully pink and golden shining at a seashore

But we are running away in the need for more.

Isn’t the sunset quite enough to enjoy for this moment?

Isn’t it just perfectly adding to the day like a valuable component?

How about a deliciously fulfilled bowl of your favourite dish?

Why is there any needΒ to capture it and miss the aroma of your dish?

Every moment of our life is worth sharing if we notice it carefully

But wouldn’t we have a story to narrate if we hadn’t posted pictures socially?

It’s serene to live the present without thinking about the past or future

Isn’t there so much in this moment for us to nurture?

There’s so much to do right away if we think about it

Also there’s so much to live by, bit by bit.