The Place!

Decide your destination before going on a journey.


It always seems amazing to live a life that’s unplanned

A backpacking hike, that trip and those multiple days that are unplanned.

It’s always wonderful to see new roads

But it’s even better at times to be able to recognize our roads.

The place where we often want to go is right before our eyes

Yet, we keep looking for it everywhere and try to improvise.

We often fail to see that what we want is right at our doorstep

We keep walking in search of happiness step by step.

That’s the reason why a goal is required after every failure too

To know our destination before we set ourselves on any journey new.


What’s Right?

It’s true that what’s rational for one person can be irrational for someone else.


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

And there are many possible answers to just one question.

When mom scolds me, my reaction to it would probably be sorrow

But dad’s reaction to it would be affection for us and not sorrow.

So at times we have to understand that everything we do has effect on a number of people

And the reactions to our actions will also come from those many people.

We often fail to perceive about what actions effect and what affect

We seldom think about what others feel and at times also disrespect.

Because we feel that our action was the most correct one

Without considering that reaction wouldn’t be just one.

It’s important to take care of our loved and dear ones at all times

Because none better than their love will ever get us peace at all times.


He yelled, “I want intelligent people in this office!” She was wise enough, so she left.


If I ever thought what I would gain by writing

I would probably miss something exciting.

If I ever thought about the result of tomorrow, today

I would probably never live my day.

I’ve always looked forward and I’ve dreamed about big things

Yet had I not cared enough in winter, I would never experience great springs.

But the point here is, are we scaring ourselves by imagining the result?

If we are, there’s sure someone to consult.

For my perception is to dream big even if it never comes true

I’d like to be wise not intelligent, knowledge resides everywhere through.


Success is valued only if it’s hard earned.


The easiest language the world understands is success

That’s just how people know us, just how people address.

They aren’t interested in who I am or who you are

All they want to know is what we do wherever we are.

I wish this world understood love or silence or even peace

But I won’t blame anyone for at times, even I judge their shirt crease.

Well, I just know a few things about success because I’ve seen more failures

I know just a little about movies for I can’t judge them through trailers.

And I hope to someday be in the shoes of a successful person, living that life

But I don’t think I’ll forget these failures or this strife.

And that would be the real success for me

To remember who I was at the start and who I am after success hit me.

Because I know the difference between these two people is quite a lot

And that’s the change this world looks up to, on second thought.


At times, it’s just so difficult to imagine life without you.



I miss you, a lot.

As likely as not.

No, I don’t want to meet you

I don’t want to be with you.

I don’t want to see you for even a minute

I want to be with you for each and every minute.

I want to live each of my breath with you

I want live every morning by waking up to you.

I want you here by my side forever

I don’t want to see you go ever.

I know it’s not possible for us to always be together

But I miss you and that’s all I feel right now, altogether.

I’m not patient enough to wait so long

To be in a place where I already belong.

Not so patient to call you mine

To show them the reason why I shine.

But again I look everywhere and I don’t find you

And I feel terrible about this life without you.


What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.


There’s always a mix of bitterness and sweetness in the dark chocolate we love

Then why do we hate our life when it’s the mix of the best things, sort of.

A mix of a few good days, some bad, some happy and some sad

The worse ones make us learn, while the best ones make us glad.

There’s always a new ray of hope shining through the morning sky

While every twinkling star saysΒ “Everything will be perfect and it’ll pass by.”

It’s like a rose, beautiful soft petals over a stem full of thorns

A daydream that’s difficult yet it adorns.

How beauteous it is to know of something better coming tomorrow

Something that might make us cry too or something that will take away all the sorrow.


Margaret Atwood once said, “If I waited for perfection, I would never write.”


As a kid we always learn numbers and alphabets first

Imagine learning algebra or different languages first?

Would learning be so much fun or interesting

It would be more like pain and knowledge disintegrating.

Imagine starting to walk on toes, how tough would that be?

Or maybe start playing shot put as a baby…

Everything in life has a first step and knowledge never ends

Even though life has many turns and bends.

We need to understand the importance of a start

The beginning is also an art.

To reach the stage of excellence, one has to start and practice

Perfection as the first step would just result in malpractice.