When we feel someone is being ignorant, we unknowingly shape our thoughts in the same way too.


“He read my message but didn’t reply for hours. What was he doing?

I was so annoyed, I waited for so long, every few minutes I kept reviewing!!”

In that moment I never asked myself, “Why the wait?”

All that was growing in my head was simply hate.

I felt, the person was ignorant when actually I was the one impatient

I felt like I had no respect, but only I had been inefficient.

Had I not thought so much and simply made a call

My thoughts would remain more stable and they wouldn’t make me fall.

Ignorance never settles a question rather gives rise to a few more…

It is a bliss with confidence, but misfortune if it hurts you to the core.

Most of us, suffocate ourselves by thinking about something which was never meant to be…

The other person is clueless about the suffering that was created by us for we.

Ignorance even if it arose, can be just temporary pain

It needs great power to arise in the first place, because there’s just no gain.

Before the thought that, your loved one might be ignoring you

Always think there’s something he or she must be going through.

All of us are wise enough to not indulge in ignorance

But only our assumptions create a big line of difference.

In this world where information is provided, to be ignorant is just a choice

Think before doing anything, be patient, it has more to rejoice!


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