How often do we believe in something or someone? And how often do we break faith?


As a child we don’t even know

If mom feeds the right food or so.

We laugh and giggle when tossed in the air

What if we fall? We aren’t aware.

But as we grow up, we lose the faith

We start losing trust, we don’t relate.

Same body, same structure

But the confidence in mind, complete rupture.

What makes our alike bodies, unalike minds?

What makes one species of different kinds?

Questioning beliefs of adaptation or religion is not my pointย 

The point is, one humanity yet distant creates, disappoint.

What lacks is just one belief

Belief is the only thing to relief.

One simple relation makes two individuals equal

But no equality and superiority is our way of sequel.

Why do we fear? Why do we lose trust?

We fear and don’t believe because, somewhere equality has rust.

No one person wants to be equal to another

“I might”, “I’ll try”, “I don’t know” says every other.

If we don’t trust ourselves or any other

Belief will soon be an understatement whole nother.



What comes to your mind first when you read of the word “Balance”?


The first thing that came to my mind, were eyes

The two eyes that always together fall and rise.

Have you ever wondered how balanced this organ is?

From the dropping of tears, to the blink bliss.

Even a wink needs a little change

This imbalance is something, we have to arrange.

The essence is, we all require to strive for stability

That one consistent movement of humility.

Maybe a tranquil smile that never fades

Or a constant composed healing that aids.

We all need an equilibrium towards the life we live

A steady process of the love we give.

It isn’t like to show the same amount of care

But it is like to show an ease in the way we share.

ย Composure is something even a camera needs

Symmetry is something even a book reads.

Our own body shape talks of being upright

Nature too is an equipoise figure right?

Then what makes the mind wander so much?

There is absolutely nothing so disordered as such.

To make a life and future made of valiance

Choices have to be made and enjoyed, like happens in balance.


Negativity is not a bad thing. Every positive soul has negative thoughts. Whether it’s worry or concern, we all need some negative to create some positive.

Hold on a smile, always awhile

Make it look like it’s worthwhile.

Be the courage and the strength

Worries stay at arm length.

I just say, “Be Strong!”

Because I know, it isn’t wrong.

But backbone comes with some pain

It isn’t quite easy to attain.

What is easy, is to hide tears

What is easy, is to portray smiles, no fears.

But heart breaks a million times

To become that one that just climbs.

Happiness becomes easy to be given

Seconds before people get forgiven.

This route, mile, way, will make us gain yet lose

Yet it depends on us, what we choose.

Give up because it’s hard?

Or stay smart and strong like a guard?

What’s better? To smile just for people?

Or be a genuine positive for people?

Crying on dad’s shoulder won’t make my pain fade

Then why don’t I just smile and let it aid?

It’s easier to preach than practice right?

Let’s make a change, let’s live and stay light.

Negativity is not a bad thing

Keep calm and let it sting.

It’s little bites won’t affect us much

It’s just a small little touch.