Break Me A Thousand Times!

When life hits you down from all corners, what do you do?


Tears fall, pain adds up

In one place all stuck up.

No hope, no faith, no thought just disgust

Every little sorrow gets combined and lined, creating all belief to now be mistrust.

Every corner of the earth seems to be just geography

Every smile in that picture seems to be just photography.

All “good lucks” make us cry all the more

All “take cares” make us feel disable and in no good condition anymore.

But one doesn’t like falling and we understand that only after we fall

One doesn’t have two choices till then to take any further call.

Everyone takes the call to stand up strong again

No matter whether it provides pleasure or pain.

When we cut that wood, it burns itself to give light

When I break I’ll probably be an inspiration now when I shine more bright.

It’s always difficult to come back and complete the mountain climbs.

But I still will, even if you BREAK ME A THOUSAND TIMES.


9 thoughts on “Break Me A Thousand Times!

  1. Khushoo! Dear, I just have one adjective. ” Fentabulous”!
    It’s so beautifully expressed..
    Each line has a contradiction… Shows the opposite …
    Wow! Sometimes I’m amazed to see, your age creating no baarier at all! I don’t want to finish all my adjectives for this one… Still many more to read and comment on.. πŸ˜‰
    Love U Sis :* ❀


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