In today’s world, where time is everything, how can one be patient and wait?


“Stop right there!” his words sounded to me, when he just said “Wait”

I felt like the whole world was moving ahead and I was late.

More than the society, my small world was moving far from me

It was my family, my friends moving ahead and I couldn’t see.

At that time it was a mountain to climb

It was a fight, but seemed like a crime.

To pause meant forever, meant loss, meant failure

It meant in the middle of the sea, a lifeless sailor.

It wasn’t easy to tell the world, I’ve got to wait

Even though it wasn’t a mistake, it was just fate.

But they won’t listen like family does

They will blame me and create a fuss.

They might forget what really happened the next day

But they would put rocks on the mountain, and toughen my way.

So what now? What next?

For this cause, I had no effect.

All I could see was my life running out of my hands

Time running too, like do the sands.

But soon I understood silence and patience taught more than anything else could.

On a fine line of peace I stood.

 To be silent in failure is more difficult than success

To be patient is like to play a game of chess.

None of them is easy, but no one mentioned it would be

We always have our day to stop, wait and see.

Every key to success might not find you the correct lock

Sometimes it might take more time, time will be a large block.

But every tough time is not a big mountain

It’s just a rock to move and create your fountain.



We all have the virtue within us.

Woman reading book

Have you ever wondered how would it be

To see smiles around wherever you could see.

To receive a warm greeting wherever you went

To spend a good time whenever you spent.

 How would it be to share happiness with a friend

To share a little love that would last till the end.

To lend a helping hand to mom in the kitchen

To walk the dog or play with the kitten.

How would it be to look at clear skies after pouring rain

To shine again after treachery and pain.

 To own and embrace a wound, a scar

To swim the oceans with courage at par.

How would it be to do what you like

To drift a bike, to go and hike.

To be who you are, to believe in yourself

To be in and out just as oneself.

Being genuine, being true

Being the one loved by you.

To shine in the sky of a million stars

To glisten like one with a few scars.


Yes, nobody is perfect. But if we believe in life, it just makes it, our kind of perfect.


How I looked, what I spoke, what I wished to be

Was never a concern at the age of three.

Yes, we all become sensible and gain control

Of our lives, we make an aim, we mark a goal.

But even after it’s all set and done

We feel something’s imperfect, something’s yet undone.

An unachieved target, an unaccomplished desire

We try to give more of our soul, we aspire.

We make the ladder steep in the ambition to reach a higher mark

At times we fall acutely, yet we wish to go far even if it’s dark.

But the reality we fail to see is

That we’ve almost lost the ‘being oneself’ bliss.

We lose the touch of our little imperfect souls to become better

We lose the current us to be another go getter.

How would it be to remain who I am and yet achieve a new dream

How good would it be if life was no race, but a relishing ice-cream.

At times it’s all very sweet and delicious the way we want

And sometimes it’s bitter and sour, yet we gulp to flaunt.

To embrace imperfections is beauty in itself

Then why lurk and hide oneself to find another self?

Let yourself out, let yourself free

That wish to reach the sky will now be no fee.

Be the original you again and see

How bright the way is and how gradual the ladder be.

Make a Start!

Get exercising, learn driving, read more, write frequently, practice dancing and so on. These things remained on my to-do-list for long, until one day when everything changed.


That morning my alarm did not ring, it boomed into my ears

It was an unusual melody unlike everyday, it was something that got changed after years.

I woke up to see my mom leaning on the opposite wall with my toothbrush and toothpaste in her hand

“Go, get ready!” was her command.

I did exactly as she said without another word

Puzzled in the head, this was such a new world.

I’d never seen her like this ever before

Her appearance too wasn’t any similar, she looked like a girl of twenty-four.

I quickly dressed up and she was at the door

Waiting for me to go outdoor.

She pulled her bicycle out from the backyard and tossed me my keys

So that was the master plan, now I was at ease.

We rode to a showroom and she promised me a new bike

If I completed my target on time and this reward was way better and nothing like.

We always need an extra, an extra from everything

It may be a reward, it may be a punishment, but we need a push, we need something.

Had my mom not given me the extra urge

I would still be lying on the bed today and my plans and routine would never merge.

I plan my reward for every task

And I also punish myself if it’s not done, the planned task.

My life changes everyday

There’s a new challenge every time, to travel a new way.

But I soon adapt it and this is the best I explore

I got out in search of something else and return by knowing myself more.

Today there’s a list of rewards and punishments are few

And there’s a new world to outdo.


“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”

-Maya Angelou


A smile goes a long way

But it can’t be carried every time, everyday.

We hide ourselves behind subtle and gullible smiles

And unknowingly we run away miles.

Hiding emotions deep within is easy yet tough

We hide them everyday, they’re never enough.

But have you ever wondered how important sorrow can be

When it’s inside it jams and outside it let’s us free.

We all want to be known as a pleasant personality

Without understanding the importance of reality.

Pain hurts but isn’t evil

We feel it’s a sword but it’s just a needle.

We sense sharing our difficulty might portray us as weak

Instead of embracing it with pride, we run and sneak.

We all have fears, we all feel sad

And at times it isn’t that bad.

To cry doesn’t mean being infirm

It means we understand strength, we understand what is being firm.

It means we’re genuine in and out

It means bare and bright without doubt.

Don’t hide your emotions they’re valuable too

Share them and be the real you.

Old Fashioned Love!

I might be a twenty-first Century girl but I still want to be loved like they did in the old times.


Where did that love go?

Where he looked for her and would hide to follow.

Where he took her behind the walls to tell her how much he loved

Where he ran behind her holding a rose, to make her his beloved.

Where they walked together on green grass

Where she’d drink from his hands and not glass.

Where he would kiss her hand and let her go

Where she could look behind and say, ‘I love you so’

Where they would dance in the middle of the street

Where they would sing and laugh and repeat.

Where falling in love was not for a short time span

Where “I love you” meant “Until I can”.

Where love was no secret and she was always close

Where being with him meant the most grandiose.

Where he knew her better than she herself

Where love meant more than itself.

It’s old now but it’s still beautiful

To wake up in his arms even at sixty and feel youthful. 

I wish that he just looks into my eyes to say

“I love you, you’re mine and I will always stay.”

Pencil Or Pen?

A pencil can write to about thirty-five miles of distance and a pen writes about three miles.


A sign of growing up it seems when we choose our first pen in school

Fascinating that ink is, colourful and cool.

We don’t just write with that pen

We flaunt, play with the ink, write letters and chits again and again.

But today, not as a growing up little girl

I see through the eyes of a grown up mature girl.

To how much that ink really mattered to me

And how many pencils I kept aside and let them be.

How I loved filling ink every Monday morning

Without thinking of any after effect, any more warning.

Yes, somewhere this invention really helped us

Ink through the nib was beautiful and no fuss.

No sharpeners, no erasers

Basically no mistakes were to be made now too, no errors.

But it changed one more thing

Not just our age or minds but really something.

It made us habitual to a better standard of living

By pushing the standard of life down that we were living.

There wasn’t just one but were many ways

A pencil could make a better world, better days.

But, how would pens make so much difference?

And we ignored the environment and moved forward with indifference.

Today when I see my smallest footstep

I see it as a large misstep.

One filled with carbon for sure

But filled more with my attitude I assure.

The callous way I’ve been living my life

And making it worse for my future in life.

While starting to design a new world

I thought of making it a better place, this world.

 And to design it I thought of one thing again…

Will I choose a pencil or pen?