Things I Like!

Just a small poem about things I like. Everything requires some gratitude.


The sound of the thunders and the fragrance after rains

The smile that hides all kinds of pains.

The smell of books I can’t let go

Never giving up and saying, “Hello!”

Mom’s cooked food, all the special dishes

To see new born babies smile are world’s greatest riches.

To run in the mornings and listen to favorite songs

Imagine, aspire and know the rights and wrongs.

The smell of freshly baked cakes

The time I learn from huge mistakes.

The laughter with best friends

And the tears of goodbye at two ends.

The family reunions, the soccer games

The long summer days and dancing in the rains.

Cherish what you have, right here and right now

Who knows tomorrow and future anyhow?



Living life is such a beautiful concept no one knows about.


We all have our ways of living this life

We have different ways of waking up, or kissing our wife.

Forget life, we can’t even hold the same coffee cup the same way

We do everything unique, everyday.

But there’s one thing we all do

We all wake to live a day so new.

None of us get the same moment twice

But some let it go and others choose wise.

So how do you live this so many seconds of life

Do you make them count or sleep over because it’s just life?

Do you feel and experience and stop and breathe?

Or do you just wake up and get to work like every other need?

Fill life withΒ experiences, with moments, not things

Have stories to tell, after you there won’t remain many things.


Yes, I’m old fashioned!


They say, “Old is gold!” and that’s the treasure I am

I’m that piece of note, that always turns into the flam.

One always needs me, I’m important to you

I’m the history or reference you always look upΒ to.

You’re incomplete without me to light your fire

I’m the very dream of your desire.

I’m the water that turns ice and turns vapor too

I’m the air that’s in and around you.

I’m beautiful, I turn your head around

I’m cunning too, a complexion that’s wheatish brown.

I see but pretend it’s unseen for you take a step

I hear but I don’t listen, so correct your misstep.

I’m a setter, not a trend myself.

I’m a classic. I know how to hold the magic in oneself.

Loving You!

The only thing that will never leave me bereft of words is the love for you.


There are days I can’t stop myself from thinking about you

Nights that turn sleepless just because I’m missing you.

There are times I just want to run into your arms

Moments that I just want to turn to be mesmerized by your charms.

It’s difficult to stop your thoughts from swaying into my mind

And they won’t even leave me alone once they’ve flowed. How kind!

All I wish is to be caressed and feel beautiful yet again

While I’m here, you’re there and I think of you every now and then.

Here And Now!

I was never ready for it.


Are you ever ready for love or it just happens?

Do you wait for an occasion to make new friends?

Is it so difficult to start every time?

What and when is really the right time?

No moment is perfect or right

We just have to bring it to consideration and sight.

Every new breath is the opportunity to create

And every new morning is truly worth the wait.

Every opportunity doesn’t knock

Some just wait for the door to unlock.

Don’t shut your doors to hard and wait until you’re ready

Most mountain climbs are risky and unsteady.

Take the first step and then see how

Things work right here and now.

Everything I have!

Always value the one who gives you everything they ever have.



The world is earning money, learning new subjects, living new dreams

While something that makes even the corporate world happy is still ice-creams.

A bag of a million dollars doesn’t matter to a kid who loves chocolates

And who are a housewife’s coordinates or subordinates?

We’re looking for a job that makes our families happy

But mom being around is actually just our therapy.

Building new bridges and creating new gaps

We’re making houses but forgetting homes perhaps.

To earn enough money don’t forget the one who had

Given up on everything for you, everything that they had.