Life becomes better when we start focusing on a Monday morning than a Friday night.


We all want to do something big, achieve something great and become not just a someone.

But what is it that we do when we get our salaries as that someone?

A movie plan and a lunch date is on my list for the upcoming Saturday

Though I don’t know on a Monday about the presentation I have to give on a Tuesday.

Some of us really work hard and with high amounts of dedication

But what to do, where to go or how to celebrate on Sunday is always a temptation.

I also have a bucket list of going around the globe with my personal funds someday

But I never forget to see what people are doing on Facebook everyday.

Facebook did enough good to Mark Zuckerberg and we’re all proud of him

But Facebook won’t do any good to us until we become someone similar to him.

It’s a great thing to earn little, save some and spend the rest

In fact, doing that much too, for some of us can be the best.

But in planing about this week, don’t forget about that big dream or large plan

Because this journey is ours and right here it began.



Staring at the mirror and looking deep within.


What does one do when they’re distressed?

I stay inside, with my body, my words, my mind all suppressed.

My thoughts are the loudest when I’m silent

Yet, I always wish to stay that way, quiet and defiant.

I cry a lot but silently at midnight hours

I sleep less and walk myself in and out, no bars.

It’s difficult to think of something nice when you’re sad

It’s difficult to eat right when times are bad.

One can’t be empathetic about the problems various other people face

Because we also can’t find a part of ourselves, that we did misplace.

We want to feel light but instead we become low

We lose the love for ourselves, leaving our heart filled with pain, otherwise hollow.

There’s a lot that can be done to solve one problem

We often don’t look at other things being great, we just look at the problem.

Our mind is trained to make us feel just one way at one time

How can something ridicule suddenly change to sublime?

So it’s basically not in our hands to change feeling distressed

It’s not our fault or something incorrect if we’re depressed.

So what to do, should I in my case, continue crying to bed and be normal next morning?

No! There are things that can make us feel better without much longing.

These ways ask us to feel the pain, we’re facing

To address it, to contemplate, without suppressing.

To show it off, to share and not keep it in yourself growing in ignorance

But to heal it with a heavy heart and make a large difference.

Empty Promises!

How easy is it to lie to someone you love the most?


I make empty promises to myself everyday

I lie to my mind each minute, everyday.

I promise myself, “I’ll wake up early tomorrow!”

Yet I’ll get to bed late like there’s just no tomorrow.

I’ll procrastinate my work with time limits

And end up with just time limits.

I’ll make an empty thought of going for a jog at 6 a.m.

And then stare at my clock till 6 p.m.

I’ll never break my comfort zone and lie to myself

Lie to the one who knows everything, every little detail about myself.

It’s easy to tell yourself about doing something tomorrow

But don’t forget about the place you have to live in today and tomorrow.

This body and mind is where we’ll be alive until death

Stop making empty promises to them, not to your breath.

Live up to yourself and love yourself like no one else does

There can’t be anything creative at procrastinating a jog. So, no fuss.

Empty promises make our heart light, don’t lose that love

Be truthful to yourself. Everything else is just up and above.


Remembrance of the good old days.


Mom and me used to play this song game whenever there was a power cut

Her voice is beautiful, I don’t get to hear that version now the one uncut.

I used to wait for a letter from my cousin and cycle to the post office to collect it myself

The text apps or engine automobiles have taken away that part of my little self.

I used to carefully set my radio system on this channel to hear my Friday special love songs

I don’t know if I really remember today, those good old amazing songs.

It was a delight to meet my aunt every month I guess

She would always get my favorite chocolates and the board game of chess.

I miss my aunts hug, she held me tight and sprung me in the air

Today we chat, she in her room, me in mine. With a distance of miles and the same air.

More than chocolates and flowers and the planting of trees

I miss walking beside dad to parks, in the buzzing of bees.

I miss the power cuts because when lights were back I would run to blow off the candles

I miss the race my sister let me win often to blow those fragrant candles.

I miss cycling to the post office, I rarely see one today

I wish those good old days were still here for the child in me an heartbeat away.

Richie Rich!

Life was such a pretty little party dress and then, I grew up.


Life becomes so satisfactory when your start earning

Shouldn’t it have been the other way, when you started learning.

During all these years of growing up I’ve never understood

How money classified us into perfect human beings, making everything sound good.

They say, “I will earn enough money to live happily ever after.”

I don’t realize why people don’t live happily right now, they can earn a lot of laughter.

Yes of course life is not so simple so put that philosophy away?

But I guess this philosophy is much better than thinking about what people have to say.

A better house might define you, might make you look classier and rich

But what is really better, finding your happiness or running behind others’ dreams to enrich?

In this money-oriented society we give importance not to the wise but to the opulent

It’s different to be ambitious and to forget ourselves in the race behind being opulent.

Try to earn something that life remembers on your deathbed

Everyone earns money, try earning happiness, love and respect instead.

You Can!

“You can!” end of story.


There might be a hundred people out there to prove that, you’re unattractive

But believe in the one, who calls you beautiful everyday and makes you feel attractive.

The whole world might think and say that you’re not doing right

But it’s probably just you and your body living this life right?

There will be people who’ll mock you no matter how hard you try each day

But keep trying for one day they’ll be clapping at your success anyway.

Look at the brighter side it won’t make you blind

Look forward, keep moving like there’s nothing left behind.

Learn from your failures and forget them in the end

Start not tomorrow, not today, but now and keep going till the end.

Don’t care about what people have to say

Those who matter the most, will understand you anyway.

Life is hard but it’s sure equal for all

Don’t turn back, this is no time to fall.

It’s just time to get up and plan to succeed

Because you always could and you still can, just try again and proceed.


Have you had a dream that kept you awake?


Is there a goal that makes you wake up in the morning

Something that’s just too adorning.

An aim that’s the only thing you want to do

While you don’t want to eat or sleep too?

A feeling of something perfect being made by you

Or the feeling of accomplishing something so true.

It’s such a great feeling to have a dream that doesn’t let you sleep

A dream that makes you want to take the leap.