Constant, Consistent And Continuous!

There are certain things in life, you just can’t change.


I know change too in life is constant

But the way I look at you won’t change.

I know at times people become distant

But this love we have is too strange.

This extreme affinity I couldn’t have shared

If it weren’t sharing with you

The love, the laughter, the conversations at infinity

Wouldn’t be this easy for me if it weren’t with you.

Time has flown so swift and smooth

And I feel as if I met you just yesterday

I’m not just saying this to soothe

But I don’t know, if I can be without you today.

Life has been both cranky and calm

Since the time you’ve held my hand

But you never let go of my palm

Whether I was in soaked boots or sunny sand.

It’s commendable how you’ve loved me

And how deeply you care

There aren’t many who’d wish to love me

And have a piece of their soul to share.

I know my ways to love you are distinct

They aren’t so expressive and illustrious

I know my love is not so succinct

Yet, it’ll always remain constant, consistent and continuous.



For every cat lover. ๐Ÿ™‚


She twirls around me like a girlfriend would

And hunts my down from every corner she should.

This little girl stares and meows like a coyย sweetheart

And she’ll roll and curl and stretch and twist for that’s her art.

She’s lazy and lying on my lap like that’s her bed

But this fur ball wants just me as her bed.

And who doesn’t want her, this little soft toy to play

I run my hands over her and she jumps away.

At times she’s angry and she doesn’t eat or come to me

She jumps away and tantrums around for me to see.

And then I cry and she licks my tears away

For this girl is my pal and I love her anyway.

She rubs my nose for she always needs her greeting

Making me sneeze like she’s cheating.

Cheating me, running away and hiding somewhere

ย Leaving her tail to be found like she doesn’t care.

She’s an adorable little loving beauty

How can one resist the love of such a cutie?

Just a glance at her makes me smile

I guess that’s true for every Ailurophile.


The only thing that can bring an end to everything, every task, every relationship all at once, is mortality.


I’ve never considered death as a menace

I’m sure death too caries immense grace.

But what if it came tomorrow to me?

What if I know it’s coming to me?

Tough to react to a situation like that right?

Especially after all this glorious fight?

The fight to live better and rise with hope

The fight to get somewhere after a slippery slope?

Well, life was tough too but it always had beginnings

Even after loss it gave us too many innings.

Because, we were alive to see the next morning

To wake up to live a new day so adorning.

What would you do to make today special if it were last?

What would you forget and who would you forgive in your last?

Whom would you thank and whom would you kiss?

Whom would you give your life’s treasure and whom would you miss?

What would you eat and what would you wear?

Whom would you tell that you always did and still will care?

Well, do it now, for tomorrow never dies

And never comes a time to realize.

Realize that life is too short no matter how long it gets

It’s a blessing each day, no matter how tough it gets.

Begin today because an end has no story

Death isn’t evil but make it look like glory.


Life is fun when work is your play.


Each moment counts.

And memories audit them to accounts.

To be with loved ones or to love what you do

To play a sport or to live a life all new.

To wake up to fulfill a dream

Or to have a date with friends on the beam.

At times to take the scenic route even if it’s longer

To get going on a tough path to get stronger.

Life is fun if you take it that way

Jump, run, scream or just getaway.

Best Days!

Some days just become the best days of my life, when I get to see you.


No matter how many words, books, hours or days I dedicate to you

Each unique minute with you always becomes a something new.

A special song to sing, or a special story to narrate

A day when I don’t remember the world, time or date.

When you’re around, best isn’t really perfect

But I enjoy the weird craziness that’s imperfect.

It’s difficult to judge the games you play

It’s difficult to handle when my heart, you take away.

But I’m extremely happy even if you’re a cunningย man

Because somehow or the other you’re always my prizeman.

My Master Key!

I closed my eyes before writing this piece of poetry and all I could imagine was you.


The way my heart goes crazy when you’re around

The way I speak too much with words all round.

The way you look into my eyes, makes me insane

Makes me fumble and looking away seems vain.

You touch my skin but reach my soul

Reading my mind seems your only goal.

I don’t know if being with you is tough or easy

At times you’re rock and the other you’re breazy.

Usually I have a story to narrate

And when it’s about you I feel I just misstate.

I’m either out of words or my poetic knowledge

You hold me close to your heart yet keep me on the edge.

Your tricks make me mad, your words make me wise

I don’t know if you really are my blessing in disguise.

No matter how much we argue I’ll be kissed and you’ll win

For you’ll take my breath, steal my words and make it a win-win.

I don’t think I’m perfect for you, I never will be

But in the end to all my doors you’re always the master key.

Everything I have!

Always value the one who gives you everything they ever have.



The world is earning money, learning new subjects, living new dreams

While something that makes even the corporate world happy is still ice-creams.

A bag of a million dollars doesn’t matter to a kid who loves chocolates

And who are a housewife’s coordinates or subordinates?

We’re looking for a job that makes our families happy

But mom being around is actually just our therapy.

Building new bridges and creating new gaps

We’re making houses but forgetting homes perhaps.

To earn enough money don’t forget the one who had

Given up on everything for you, everything that they had.