She : Tell me which of your work you feel is the BEST?

Me: The one I’m going to write next!


I don’t know until today what’s the best that I’ve written

I don’t know what had to be re-written, what was over-written.

But I know one thing and with confidence I can say

No matter how many mistakes I make even today.

I know there will be something better in my next post

I will learn from my mistakes, even the ones I make the most.

My today’s piece of writing may not be that good

But, I know what I have changed, I know what I withstood.

We all evolve, gradually yet steadily

We all need to admit of mistakes we make readily.

“Practice makes a man perfect”

That kid started from learning the alphabet and today can read everything so correct.

None of us are born masters even if we have the skill

We all know about wiping the floor only after we spill.

The number of mistakes I make doesn’t really matter

What matters is the next time I try to bake will I get the perfect batter?

The spirit lies and trying again, even if one fails a hundred times

I might even today not know how to write good rhymes.

But am I willing enough to try again tomorrow to be able?

Yes, because I want to create that something UNSURPASSABLE!


6 thoughts on “Unsurpassable!

  1. Anish says:

    Gudiya! This post shows the real spirit that every person must possess in his/her life.
    Great piece of work!!!

    Keep it up..



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