Water, Height, Places, Strangers, Insects, Injections, Loneliness, Failure, Death! What are you scared of?


NOTHING! My heart said, bold and clear enough.

But the very next moment I knew I wasn’t that tough.


Yes, the fear of… fear made me sick.

Horror movies were my love, ones to die for

Insects, animals, birds all are his creatures, like we are, to adore.

Water, height, air, fire are the beauties of nature with science attached

How can I then, from them, be so detached?

Yes, I know the day I come in face to face with my fear

I might shiver, I might act queer.

But until then, I will be brave to see everything, everything I will hear.

I was born to explore, to watch something strange always appear.

The best way is to go say hi..!

Maybe the other is more scared, just defending itself thereby

I’m not saying go and hold that spider on your arm

It will simply sting, it will simply harm.

Easy to preach, difficult to practice you might look at me and say…

But one step at a time may not cause your heart to tremble and stronger it will stay.

Fear is an emotion. Lets cure it, lets short live it.

Lets not let it run over our minds and as a phobia always fit!

I will try to not be scared. Will you try doing it too?

The best way out, is always through!


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