Drops Or Lake??

We all know that life’s easy to be judged than to be lived. The amount of assumptions to handle situations we make may be handful of water in front of the problems that are as large as a lake.


Problems? Issues? Difficulties?
Aversions or affinities?
Thoughts or worries?
Time’s hard so simply hurries.

Times are hard, but we’re yet to see
A time harder to come and we to be.
What’s real is our decision
Decision of pure vision or precision.

Sense of thinking and sense of things…
Responsibilities along it brings
So much thought but no resolution
Less ideas, less plans but more of pollution.

Too much to find too much to look
Flows through the hills a foul brook.
So much to worry so much to cure
Authority attracts, calls and makes the lure.

Spoonful of salt in handful of water
Trouble is that hard, so much painful and bitter…
But add it to the lake beside and taste the same
Better, calm and smaller the aim.

Expansion of the sense of things
A sense of security that it brings.
Reduction of the sense of thinking
Saves from the feeling of sinking.

More the thought, deeper the sorrow
Lessen it today for a better tomorrow.
Extend things for pain to look small
Confident and gritty stand so tall.

Difficulties came to you to increase your potential…
Make them your strength and show people that their essential.
For weakness is in our minds and not our souls…
Increase capabilities, so seem easier the goals.


Tea Or Cups?

Work, friends, family, health, or LIFE! At times we forget to make a choice! We lead to something without having clue. We need a break we say, not knowing what to do. We have parts and they’re never ONE. If they be one, where do we run? Let’s try not running, let’s get outdone. Parts or life? What’s more fun?


So much in hand yet something to please.
Porcelain cups large but little teas.
Choose what’s yours, tea or cups
Choose to live with Wake-ups or hiccups.

When tea is all we want… Why do cups drive us crazy?
When we have all the roses why do we search for a Daisy?
Cups may be studded, but tea is very little
Roses do have thorns,Β  but they will never belittle.

Life is tea let’s enjoy it to the last drop.
Worrying about the vessel… let’s stop.
It does have plenty difficulties like the thorns
Let’s choose something that the eye adorns!

Why choose a cup so large that we forget the tea?
Why choose a part of life and just be?
Choose life to live it full…
All that’s yours will automatically get the pull!


“Paralysis” always meantΒ the loss of the ability to move, typically as a result of illness, poison, or injury. But my dictionary said and taught me something else about it… it talked about incapability, drain, exhaustion, dejection or fatigue.


We tend to slow down, give up or quit very easily at times

we don’t really have the courage to make into words from our mimes.

The bravery to show up, the power to state

to unveil our freight… to depict our hate.

We incline into our lives, taking just ourselves into it

we also forget to take our people along, we usually split.

It may be work, may be relations

for this behavior anything and everything can be the foundations.

We’re tired, all so weary

things around all maybe so well lit, but we make them dreary.

One sorrowful moment and we imagine hours of more sorrow

we don’t want a today then, we don’t want a tomorrow.

All we want is to cease, surrender and stop trying

we don’t wanna spend most of our lives crying.

We get frustrated, we also frustrate

problems may be small and light, we add on weight.

We have a propensity to bury all the pain

we don’t mind when it’s hidden somewhere in the brain.

All we wish is to come out of the so-called dark shade

it’s okay to lurk the issues deep until someone comes with a spade.

We don’t want to share, we are weak

how do we talk, when we can’t merely squeak.

We’re done, nothing is left undone, over with the crisis

It’s seems better to forget and get over the paralysis.



We have so much to fight for with our own selves right? Isn’t it?

indexWhy do we so consider mistakes to be poison to live with

than to consider them as a learning to live for.

We think, re-think, over-think and get tangled with

whether it’s now, next or later we go doing it for sure.

Why do we lack acceptance to what we’ve done

we never laugh over the same joke, then why do we cry for the same fault.

Time never comes back so things can’t be undone

we tend to lose the present, thinking about past at halt.

Fear of doing right makes us do wrong

we might have hit, caused pain also lost charm.

But regression for the wrong always stays long

trust can be built stronger even if you’ve created most harm.

Listen to yourself, do what you feel is right

there’s a huge world outside to state their own difference.

All you’ve got to do is shine bright

Everyone has fights, their own business you don’t need to be the hindrance.

Love is always stronger than hate

whether it’s for yourself or others.

It’s never-ever too late

to to start believing in yourself and forgetting the blunders.


What’s 99?

What’s with the number?

99? Huh?

Well, we should really see…


Doesn’t “99” just seem incomplete somehow?

Won’t adding just “1” to it, be just WOW?

It’s like why an odd number?

100 is just so OUTNUMBER.

That one final point…

99 is like to disappoint.

That small little one more step

that one more attempt.

Well, why do we all find happiness in that one more thing?

That ONE something.

Isn’t 99 completely enough

Is happiness without that “1” so tough?

Why urge for that one more when there’s so much already?

Does having one less make us unsteady?

‘I’ll take the final step and be happy?’

Well, why till 99 were you so unhappy?

Satisfaction never gets satisfied

until we ourselves are gratified…

Towards what we have than what we still want

towards our love for contentment than for to flaunt.

Towards those efforts we’ve made

and not something that others have laid.

We punish the 99 to get 1

we find having one less than the other to be unreal and undone!!!

The successful might be happy or unhappy, but the happy are always SUCCESSFUL!


Life is full of surprises and it’s best gift to us is the PRESENT! Today is the only day my friend. It wasn’t given to us to plan tomorrow but to live each minute in just the 60 seconds of each minute, live each moment we wanted to in just the 90 seconds of each moment and make every hour a memorable one. Because we may or may not have a tomorrow at all.


Breathe as if it’s the first ever breath you’re inhaling

open the curtains, keep life far from all the veiling.

Walk, sing, dance or appreciate

bring smiles on faces no destiny no fate.

Time shall run out not you

let it fly if at all it flew.

Be content spread joy

Say all you want to, don’t be coy.

Don’t be selfish some have even lesser time than you

don’t run just give the clue.

No hurry, don’t be late

just equate don’t hate.

You might not have the best of everything

but you can still make the best of anything!

Joy Of Giving!

To get something all you have to do is to give all you have.


If we can understand to what is giving

we enrich our lives by reliving

by thanking for what we’ve had

and remembering all the memories to add.

Giving does not signify losing

it defines gaining by the power of reusing

it gets you back not just love or affection

it gets you a larger collection.

To give is to be larger than life

imagine more to life without any strife

for life isn’t easy but can be more tough to just take

why not complete a transaction and not just build but make.