Don’t tell people your dreams, show them.


A plan doesn’t know weekends

Though it knows many amends.

It knows of a promise to live by

Knows of hunger that can never die.

It knows you want to be great

So don’t take much time, don’t get late.

Have to wake, pray and work your days off

Set an alarm for life that never goes off.

You have to be brave, become fearless

You have to break all limits, become limitless.

A plan denies average, it demands great

A plan needs hard work, overlooks fate.

It wants determination, not just desire

It knows what you deserve if you possess fire.

Don’t look back, get better now

Take the chance, make it work anyhow.



For that was taught in school and I’m a grown up now.


Running by the clock, ticking with its hands

Looking at the hour glass, the falling of sands.

I flip it around to save another hour

This life seems rather little sour.

Running around, dancing onto someone’s song

Wondering when and what went wrong.

Thoughts and ideas just remain in mind

What’s on paper is perhaps unkind.

Trying to explore, travel a new place

Looking for a room, a little mind space.

To disentangle the entangled thoughts of myself

To let the knowledge elf out from one of the shelf.

To be who I am, to do what I want

They say it’s an excuse but I am an infant.

I don’t deny, they have reasons to complain

But this is who I am, perhaps insane.

I can’t agree to be someone else and gain affection

They might not know it, but that’s called appropriation.