Twenty-Four Hours A Day!

What if we could see no time?


Days would start with a sunrise and end with a sunset

Our minds would be tied to a small mindset.

A sense of attitudes well established in head

No hurry, no punctuality too… no competition of going ahead.

No clock, no watch, no hourglass to see

The time from dawn to morning and morning to tea.

We wouldn’t be dependent on any alarm

A morning would add more glory with it’s bright charm.

Days to months and months to years

We’d keep living without fears.

We’d count no time, we’d live more free

We’re counting now, more burden we carry.

We’d plan no meet, no get-together, reunion

Because time could never separate us, it couldn’t ruin.

We’d meet more often then, talk all the more

Because time wouldn’t be running out anymore.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could see no time?

Consequences would still be there, but think about this onetime.




Don’t we all become a little sad by reading this word. In fact, some of us have memories coming to our minds, such memories that have made us lose on something to get something better or some that maybe, have made us worse now. Well, I’ve got a twist!


True success requires sacrifice

The cost of it may be overprice.

Then let it be life or precisely love

Sacrifice is a value all above.

To gain something we’ve always had to lose

Give and take is a relationship one can’t misuse.

It’s not easy but, no one mentioned it was tough

Anything or everything… NOTHING can ever be enough.

It’s always better to take risks to survive

Because everything changes and the same time then won’t arrive.

Then all we think could happen good, doesn’t even occur nice

Don’t let this time run, now if needed, make a sacrifice!

It has relations with too many

It loves respect, needs courage and wants harmony.

But it fears to give away it’s pride

With one knot tight it’s tied.


I don’t know how the color came to my mind.

But whatever it did was very kind!


Blue was the sky, blue was the sea

Blue were his eyes I didn’t notice, I didn’t see.

Blue was the color of my ink

Blue was the color compatible with pink.

Blue lagoon then I was sipping

Blue oceans they are which do the shipping.

Blue tooth connects us to favorite music

Blue is the band that creates magic.

Blue was so much that I never knew

Blue still makes me feel unaware of the true.

Blue tells me the world is big looks small

Blue makes me stand low and tall.

Blue has taught me colors add so much to my life

Blue teaches me there’s much more to live than just the strife.

Blue is this earth can you see the land?

Blue is yet not the place where we stand!

Movie With Him!

“You don’t get to know, what, where, when might inspire you!”

– He said!


I planned it together, so that I be with him

He came along no doubt, but was into the movie not theater to the brim.

I looked at him his mouth wide open and eyes at the screen

Without knowing me gazing at him he wanted me to just “look at the scene”.

I smiled and looked forward again concentrating on my popcorn more

Because the vision had nothing so great so I had to ignore.

But he wasn’t watching a movie, he was grasping and observing the very detail he could

He wouldn’t talk a word, I so understood.

At lunch finally, I got the nerve to ask

“What was so great into that sight, or something you had to unmask?”

His words were few, but they were something new

Did you listen to the background score, they had the fall of a ‘screw’.

His eagerness of knowing and telling me something I didn’t know

Made me look astonished with things, I was sitting beside even though.

“The falling of the screw” he said, was nothing so great

But it created something magical, something making it worth the wait.

That feeling of understanding such a minimal sound,

Created the awe for how much practice and timing it must have abound.

I was with you so I held and kissed your hand

But without me noticing that sight, the view would be so bland.

“You saw the light effect how it grew from the shady black to purple blue?

You don’t get to know, what, where, when might inspire you!”


β€œDo your own thing on your own terms and get what you came here for.”
-Oliver James


I came empty handed and I would go back the same

But there’s a reason for my existence, a reason for my name.

It takes too much courage to live the dreams I see

I recognize them in the sky, I perceive them in the sea.

Dreams that can’t let you sleep

Dreams that might also make you weep.

But what’s extant in me without them?

I would be on an eternal rest if I had to condemn.

Who set the right and wrong

Who decides the weak and strong?

What’s rational for me is irrational for someone else

Then who concludes that dreams had to be logical? Them-self?

The only sensible reason to live my dream

To live it without fear, to live it with esteem

Is to have the valor to achieve it on my own

To be able to grow the seed I had once sown.

To live the life we’re here for by oneself

Without knowing the distress of being just by yourself

To hold onto your dreams and not let them go

And to be able pay the price to earn them, even though it’s too high and you know.

Don’t Beg! Earn!

Dignity, self-esteem or money… Let’s look deep inside, Introspect!!!


Smile, talk, share, the one look rare

Genuine spoken words and real given respect

Euphoric the feeling, small the dare

High regard in eyes, a beautiful aspect.

Grab, grasp, snatch or acquire

But then no honor, no praise, no reverence

No attire for regard or no require

Isn’t that too much of severance.

Life without approval, no courtesy, no consideration

Nothing to give, thus empty hand to just take

No thought, no bright soul anymore, further no creation

Lost everything, now what? Fear of quake??

The Black Coffee! :)

The science behind that one cup of “Black Coffee”.

cup of black coffee surrounded by coffee beans

When exams come, they come together

They maybe in life or in school so nether.

Then they ask questions in and out of syllabus

Let them be big decisions or generally bacillus.

They give us stress, scare us to lose our scores

They might open one window but close all doors.

Think and answer but do write something

Write something they say, but they mean ‘anything’.

Have you seen potatoes and coffee?

Both are bitter and not sweet as toffee.

But boil them both and see the change

See how they react to the same action so strange.

The potatoes become weak but the coffee creates something new

Facing the same adversity, this can do very few.

Strong it tastes but has changed for better

Potatoes could be mashed but were no trend setter.

Let’s decide what obstacles can do to us

Can we create something new or do we create fuss.

Things happen to us and even around

What matters is what happens within us that we’ve found.