Most of our life problems can be resolved the very moment they reach us.


Our mind is actually a very cool thing

It listens to our commands, let it be anything.

It depends on us what we’re actually telling

Are we excelling or are we rebelling.

Most studies say, a peaceful mind works much better

Yet we worry, keep worrying and getting worried becomes a thought setter.

I tried something for my mind today

While an immense cold and sore throat that kept coming in my way.

I behaved like I did everyday

No attention was given to this bad health for today.

Being sick does not come with a compulsion of feeling sick

It relies on us, lay weak in the bed or move with the clock with every tick.

Yes of course, immunity is low and care is a must

But that doesn’t mean we have to adjust.

We might not have the energy to do everything we like

Might not even be able to follow a routine lifelike.

But we can do much more with a healthy mind

That heals the body faster, so kind.

After this experience, I know what to tell my mind to do.

It’s quite easy actually, not much thinking required too.



With the changing modes of conversation we’ve discerned a need to be heard.


With this changing era, where conversation types have made us come nearer

They have made us become a little queerer.

With every little information and source being present in our palms

It has disturbed us to an extinct that we still feel it calms.

With a connection so close that a message does the work

Has concealed us behind a concrete wall of technology, this lurk.

But the ‘being in touch’ feeling makes me cry sometimes

Where touch has changed to a few chats and no new football games in complete lifetimes.

The being on phone attitude around in the family

Makes me think why is the television set even there unnecessarily?

With that few conversations that have kept my friends apparently close

Makes me think where are those high fives and group hugs that we once chose.

It wasn’t an alarming state for me even until today

Where I saw myself lost so much into a reel world that I lost the whole day.

Where mom kept talking to me, while I was in my phone

And I didn’t even listen to what she said, while I just nodded to her words while looking at the phone.

A closer conversation change with the world around has made us more entangled

Where life is here, but we are there still struggling, completely strangled.

From “I am all ears.” to “Listen to me.”

We’ve lost a lot my friend, try understanding me.

Start The Journey!

No matter how small the step is, start walking now.

Start The Journey!.jpg

It’s been a long time since we’ve followed a few wrong leaders

With all the traffic in the city I started following the speeders.

One invalid ‘yes’ for a wrong step made many more follow me

Imagine one small but ideal ‘no’ for the right step might set us free.

We might have forgotten to say ‘no’ and do everything we’re asked to

But to say a strong ‘no’ for wrong things might help ourselves too.

Now comes an excuse of rationality

These callous few people point a finger at me about their individual mentality.

They ask, “Who sets the right and wrong?

Life is a game just play along.

You’ve got once to live, enjoy it

Why do we change for a generation to yet come, to be fit?”

But, that’s not quite the reality

That just proves us a reckless personality.

We live everyday, every minute and die just once

Offering a helping hand is just a matter of prudence.

It’s common sense that making a better place to live

Not just brings about the change, it gives us a greater life to live.

Yes, I might be the only one to do it right

And I might be the only one, who might keep going with a long fight.

Yet, my step is in the right direction someone will follow

What if my story is small, it’s not that hollow.

No matter how small the step is, no matter how non-great the story can be

It will create a new path and inspire someone to foresee.

9 Square Feet!

When you have to convince your mind to do things it hates.

30 square feet

I was pulled out of bed by mom to go shopping today

I know, most of you’ll must be in shock, but shopping really comes in my way.

It’s bizarre to roam the streets to find things to wear

It’s not just hard work, it’s difficult work so unfair.

But working with a person like my mom who hates listening to a “No”

Walking with a frown was no good option above or below.

So now mom was out of my list to convince

The second on my list to convince was me myself ever since.

This girl inside me whose name was Miss Soul

Wouldn’t even plan to go for buying a simple stole.

But then someone had to agree right?

I mean, I didn’t wish for a dangerous fight.

Vaguely, I knew somewhere mom was right

For once I thought of her plight.

Growing three kids to adults with every little care

She must be tired now doing our work and hers too, I swear.

The only way to prepare my mind to shop

Was to think of her perspective from the top.

Any task that I hate to do

I’ve always thought just about myself and ways to escape new.

Imagine, nineteen years from tip to toe

She’s shopped for me whatever so.

Now if she just wishes for me to accompany her

Shouldn’t I put aside the weep and have a smile to offer?

Yes, it’s still irritating to change outfits in an unknown place in so much heat

But it isn’t so bad, for a few minutes be the best model in a 9 square feet.


So what is your “worst” scenario?


I wake up everyday to hit the ground and grieve

About an age old ankle injury that I never let retrieve.

I run and exercise and cry aloud because of a little pain

A weakness that could possibly be my only gain.

I’ve seen people whose legs were cut to add metal rods for standing in them

And these legs race mine in a lot less than a few seconds, quite lean like a stem.

I’ve seen hands that were paralysed for more than seven years

Smashing tennis balls to beat national players.

I’ve seen torn ligaments held by tiny screws inside

Play tough roles with the same body, even today from outside.

A fractured brain with around twelve severely cut veins and nerves

Writes stories about better brilliant people, what maybe this brain deserves.

These people might not be famous

These people might not possess much and they don’t even want the buzz.

But they’re sure build of something with a lot more than all of us are

They’ve made their worst into their best at par.

What complaint should I go and make about my tiny injury

To someone who’s got limbs amputated and saw them in a state too grungy?

What am I afraid of, what can be the worst?

I don’t think I even carry a high aim thirst.

Most of us are strong enough to fall and get up and fly

But I don’t know why we are so lazy to just sit with a phone or lie.

We are much more capable than we really feel

Yet, we don’t have the passion, we don’t have that zeal.

What are we waiting for? To make legs break and then run?

Why don’t we work hard now? Under the sun?

I know what can be a worst scenario for my injured ankle

And I know, how I’ll make it my best even if it bursts with a crackle.


Do you fall short of sleep when it comes to your large dreams?


Do you think often about reaching there?

The place that you were made for, just for you to share.

Do you sleep quite occasionally because your eyes want to live a dream?

A dream that has a straight path which is not quite moderate, it’s extreme.

Do you jump higher every time you’re asked to take a leap?

A leap that isn’t about your feet but it’s something that doesn’t let you sleep.

Do you smile when you have to begin again, the same old routine?

A routine that is a never ending practice which makes you burn into ashes to gleam.

I’ve seen people leaving their lives behind to achieve just one goal.

I’ve also seen people leaving their goals behind to make a living while they have their soul.

I couldn’t figure out at once whether I wanted a life or a living

What was it that I wanted in return of all the giving?

What was that one thing that made me dream with open eyes

What was it that made me run to just realise…

That life wasn’t given I’ve borrowed it from someone above

What was I sent for, that many more couldn’t get hold of?

And this realisation made me clearly understand

That I had aspirations that could withstand

The force of a cyclonic disturbance, the duress of a convulsive trouble

The strength in me that would make me stand up back from the brim of rubble.

Aspirations and dreams are something quite stellar

I don’t understand why someone leaves the stars behind to reach a cellar.

Imagine thoughts getting stirred to do a marvel storytelling

And we wake up to wash it away just to learn a tough life spelling.

I know I was made for something, sent to achieve a dream

A dream that has a straight path which is not quite moderate, it’s extreme.

I know I have to lead somewhere, a place designed for me

And my clue is in the reverie that comes just for me, so just let me see.

Feeling Demeaned!

The shame in the eyes, the abject on the face. Losing dignity is like losing sheer grace.

Feeling Demeaned

He says, she is shameless, doesn’t understand the right place and time.

And for me, I don’t even know if there is any right place or time.

I mean what will the right place be if I’m not present in there

And what will be the right time, if it’s not quite the flair.

I am what I am, no matter what time it is or which place

Then what makes me stick my tongue inside and stand quietly in one place?

What if I can’t wait enough for the right time and lose my breath

And what if just before my life reaches the right place I face death?

Who will decide what’s right then me or the time and place

Who will tell me then whether I lost or won the race?

Why should I wait to do what I want?

To regret later that I should have or I could do but I stopped because of that aunt?

Or blame some time or place later for not letting me be me?

Or to make my kids follow my dreams and make them what I wanted to be?

I’m sorry I don’t really feel demeaned and I’m quite shameless

Because I want to be myself now and later when I’m old, rue less.