Let It Go!

Because I never can, let things go so easily, but today I’ve realized big time that one smile can stop many tears.


We came to go.

When the life we have isn’t permanent itself, then why we try to make things so.

We hold onto past incidences and make them life not just moments

We make pain our own and our best friends we make opponents.

 Heat of the moment is what we hold onto and keep all the sorry’s aside

Forgiveness is too much to give then, because we can’t forget, we can’t decide.

Anger we misunderstand as hatred

And hatred remains there until it’s re-painted.

Misunderstandings we understand the most

We keep them with us and throw our minds far away on the coast.

Guilt kills all self-respect, all self-belief

What’s worse to adapt in life than, disbelief?

Love is fading not because it is distant

Love is fading because when hurt, we turn away from it in an instant.

I am hurt, but what will life be with just happiness

Without thorns a rose wouldn’t be capable of blooming, so helpless.

When we want to feel everything in life then why not pain?

When we want to bloom like a rose then why are thorns so vain?

The breath we take, the life we live

The feelings we share, the love we give.

All of it has come to go

Why do I hold on then, I will just LET IT GO.



Because we dream a new dream and live a new life whenever we sleep!!!


In this fast life that we live today, we forget how important it is to sleep

It can make us alive again, it kills all stress, kills the weep.

Sleepless nights make us forget to see the beauty of the mornings

Mornings then no more seem essential, they just look like deadline warnings.

That alarm has no more snooze, has become almost silent

No more favorite songs we set, because we’re running for the client.

But surprisingly, that snooze isn’t laziness so sleep and snooze till you can

Not just the dark-circles it will ban.

It strengthens us from core to brain

Sleep isn’t a drive that vain.

It’s a memory booster, get to bed to practice your skills

Live more, yes sleep increases our lifespan for our dream fulfills.

Spread creativity, spread happiness

Smile more widely without any dizziness.

Look beautiful without any make-up on

Show your 30 year old youth up, even when 60 is on.

Improve your stamina just with a little sleep

Is there anything better, to always upkeep?

So many benefits, yet we’re running away

Don’t make the same mistake you made yesterday.

Say “Good Night” often from tonight

Because from tomorrow your mornings are turning bright.

Wear immunity, get shielded from pressure or sorrow

Sleep is all yours, you don’t even need to borrow.

Live lots many new dreams, and very few nightmares

Life is taking you on beautiful journeys, don’t miss these airs.

Fulfill your dreams today, tomorrow you will have stories to tell

I wish you tonight, sleep really well!

A Lunch Date!

I went on a date, today!


Love takes time, lots of time

That touch, that hug, that kiss might always feel so sublime.

But there is lot that goes behind it

We never realize. It never makes us realize, it does not click or hit.

But we understand soon the consequences

We understand and experience through incidences.

We miss the kiss, we’re addicted to the touch

We become aware in absence ever so much.

One consequence may even make us perceive we’ve made mistakes

And we know life can’t take retakes.

And we run then, because we now probably can’t still hug

More than that we concentrate on pretending and showing off with the new mug.

Why does that gap come in a relationship?

A relationship that is much more than friendship???

The sole reason is we forget ourselves

We forget our comics and read books of their bookshelves.

It does work out at the start, to give everything even the best part of our heart

But the journey is always longer after a good beginning and there’s no choice to restart.

But I found a way, to fall in love ever so strong.

Finding a way in love may not be logical but I know it won’t go wrong.

I think you should try it too

So just love yourself first, before saying “I love you!”

So that, on the path of that journey there is nothing new

There are no changes to deal with, neither many nor few.

I went on a date, today! IT WAS WITH MYSELF!

I found the best company and I found it myself.

Love yourself! 🙂

Wash Your Dishes!

How regularly do we wash our dishes? That bowl of cereal and milk? Everyday? At times many more times in the day right?


When we pour that milk in the bowl

There maybe times when we lose the can, lose control.

When we gulp that cereal in a hurry

There maybe times when it falls all around, a big reason to worry.

But, what next, we have our briefcases on and shoes on toes to run to office

Just to be on time in there, to be flawless.

That spilled milk or cereal all over the table still runs into our mind

When home, we run to work. In office, home is on our mind.

All we think about is how to clean the mess once back

We become more worrier thinking what more mess it’ll stack.

Once we’re back dull and tired, we wish to clean up the next morning

All of our dreams become more of a warning then something adorning.

Why that thought of spilled milk when chocolates all around

Why do our thoughts ponder upon that cereal, why in those thoughts are we bound?

Milk and cereal is such a simple story.

So much more is there in our minds, from all sorts of relationship crisis to inventory.

But the point is we need to clean our dishes right then on time

We need to act former, onetime.

To let that dirt out and not grow in our heads

To have tension-free brains in office, and without sweat foreheads.

Pour milk carefully, don’t hurry for office

No that’s not the trick, the trick is basically to wash all dishes.

No matter how difficult it is, put the dishes to place tonight

Trust me the cereal will be more delightful tomorrow and not a big worry or fight.


Not the sentimental or emotional feeling but the actual burden of our day-to-day lives..!


That to-do list, daily tasks, the increasing amount of work

Makes me feel like, to hide somewhere in that dark murk.

The list that keeps on adding and the day becoming shorter

Make me feel disabled to even say yes to get a little help to get sorter.

Because no striking out tells me everything is incomplete

“Do all you wish to first, do a little cheat.”

But who am I cheating here, myself perhaps

I feel it’s better to give up than cheat my own self and collapse.

Burden!!! All sorts of it on my head rather than the back

What do I do next? Everything seems just so blank.

I tend to complete work when it arises right in front

Like that last minute project, that I have to confront.

What use of planning then, why so many empty plots

 That to-do list somewhere now seems just ink blots.

I soon realize that what I wish to do in that list is becoming what I now don’t want to.

I read it everyday but there’s no meaning any more of that due.

Because work that I loved now became a BURDEN

What made it so bad? Why so sudden?

I understand that life can’t be a to do list, there’s just present in my hand

To create everything now, planned or unplanned.

 Because the most amazing things are where we are and not in the future we wish to see

We create hassles just to be hassle-free.

Cut that list out I say,

Live this moment, live this day.

Do what’s meaningful today and then no tasks underlying for tomorrow

Go anchor now, no heavy bow then on shoulders, no heavy arrow.

It’s Worth the Wait!

“3 Weeks More…” A personal life incident and I didn’t know then, how I had to react to his words. But today when they linger into my mind, I know there’s so much good coming my way.


Five years, three months, eighteen days…

I’m proud of myself, in quite a few ways.

It hasn’t been that difficult a journey, but sure has been long

I know it was for my good, it has definitely made me strong.

But the point here is, it has become too monotonous for me to be patient anymore

“Why ME?” I ask, disturbed to the core.

“Wait” he answered from all above the skies

“There’s great reward coming your way, no lies!”

Dispute, I fight, I want it now, even if the God needs more time

“It’s 21 days” he says, “it’s just little more time”.

 And then I realize, just 21 more days in that journey of five years

Am I not that patient, that today my eyes have tears???

That question makes me weak, deprived, lonely too somehow

I have everyone with me, but not myself I feel, I’ve lost the inner me now.

I urge to get myself back, the strengthened, confident and optimistic me

That’s all that I always wished to be.

Then why this weakness, why so deprived and lonely

There is so much, so many people face I’m not the target only.

Just because it isn’t happening now doesn’t mean it never will

Every dream no matter how big or small takes some time to fulfill.

The ability to wait and have that smile on

Is what makes the morning so glorious after that dark dawn.

Every dream is difficult until it becomes easy and it’s never too late

All we have to always believe is that, IT’S WORTH THE WAIT!

Calamity Or Blessing?

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards” said Steve Jobs.


Everyone makes mistakes, it states we’re human

But trying to ignore, look away at them and take a new step is a gesture inhuman.

The best way to lead ahead or take a new leap

 Is to look within, a little deep.

Mistakes, errors, disastrous experiences

Are actually, the best vivid learning incidences.

The scars marked the pain we lived, survived

Let’s not cover them and make the world understand what we’ve faced yet arrived.

What happened yesterday shouldn’t be a disappointment for tomorrow.

We’re out of suffering and hurt, but learning we can still borrow.

Yesterday was there in our life for a reason and who doesn’t face a bad past?

But we all face it right? No matter how vast?

 We never realize that the bad past was our glorious bliss

We mistake our thought, thinking mistakes to be evil and we dismiss.

 Everything that hurts, is in real a teaching

Everything we’re scared to do, should be done, even if with screeching.

That what hurts us, that what we’re scared to do

That mistake that we made or that experience we went through.

Came to us for a reason, caressing

It wasn’t CALAMITY it was a BLESSING.

Life has abundance of learning experiences, it never falls scarce

Learn from it, whether painful or euphoric and put forward your ace.