Bullion Or Metal!

The price we pay for happiness is our growing desire. We are happy with what we already have but our urge for more takes it away.


We all have needs

but these needs turn to misleads

when we assume wants as needs

the quality of life recedes.

It’s important to be forward-looking and think ahead

it’s important to do what’s committed and said

but losing the butter to earn the bread

makes us lose the smiles and tears we shed.

What we have now doesn’t satisfy

we just want ‘a little more’ to gratify

and then we’re in a stage to pacify

the anger in us and incapability to stand by.

Life is water and we have enough

we just want to hold it in good stuff

well hiding the pot too is tough

but we showcase expensive crystal and easily bluff.

To hide and turn around was apparently effortless

our pots aren’t porcelain they are a little hopeless

we are never proud of that we possess

we are always worried about what the other assess.

To quench our thirst maybe life

but status, position, money are a bigger strife

because that’s what is understood outside and is rife

to be content looks like on shoulders a huge knife.


Ant Ideology!

Have you ever seen how hard working a creature as small as an ant is? Have you carefully noticed it’s struggles with life? Have you wondered if the ant could think? Have you pondered upon what an ant thought if it did? Oh I realize, we don’t really have the time to know about what an organism 1/10th of our nails or even smaller thinks right?

Β ant

‘Heading somewhere and accomplishing goals’

isn’t that tough for these little souls

because they don’t know how to quit

they just work with required wit

looking for different ways is their only technique

they will climb over, climb under but not stop and turn weak.

‘Thinking Ahead’ is their sole manner

to look forward time is their individual planner

they think about winter all summer

and already start collecting their supper

they know summers won’t last forever

they know they need grains whatsoever.

‘Staying Positive’ is what they enjoy doing

they keep continuing and pursuing

it doesn’t matter if their hills drain out in rain

they know it isn’t something that vain

they build it again and again and again

they don’t stop not with one not even further ten.

‘Doing Possibly Everything One Can’

is an exclusive theory they began

because they know life doesn’t stop

they know things can turn out flop

they still complete with all they can at once

they act clever never dunce.


Have questions – ask, want to be understood – explain, dislike something – say it, like something – state it. Life is always easy, but we have our own ways. Enable learning while you’re here, there’s no age and no time either.


We’ve always kept waiting

we’ve kept sitting and equating.

Always had to contemplate

on the intentions to dominate.

Life is so bright when we focus on what truly matters

it has to look dark, when we visualize only disasters.

Struggles and hardships have to come, to go

but if there’s no fall… how does one stand strong and grow?

It isn’t wrong to wait and reflect

only if it creates some effect.

But there is more burden the other carries

so let’s put aside our worries.

And take an initiative

let’s act a little sensible yet sensitive.

Because we may stop but time won’t

love each moment even if you don’t.

Be who you are, say what you feel

Because time’s less for us to reveal.

Lets not complicate when it’s really very simple

there have to be difficulties but lets enjoy the ripple.

For time doesn’t return good or bad

So let’s live it now for remembrance be glad.


Things in life can be equally good or bad. It can either be an ‘accomplishment of the journey’ or it can be a ‘failure of the tour’. It’s a choice we have to make, yes a difficult one, but it’s still better to have the optimist in us alive to live the life that simply goes on.

distance road

Life isn’t what one gets, it’s what one makes

So it’s okay to commit mistakes.

Forgive because you have the strength

Forget it now, that’s what will create length.

Love will be valued, hatred all the more

Lets choose to be pleasant and not sore.

You may feel like unimportant and unwanted

You may feel always so daunted.

You wish to quit and that seems the best

But this is a test, do your good and forget the rest.

It’s difficult to find answers here

The questions itself are not so clear.

Because we fell, hit, hurt thus cried

But that’s better than to have untried.

Lets get up again for there’s still courage

Lets not be a burden or carriage.

Succeeding may not be important

But not to have tried hammers the commitment.

So lets walk even though we don’t know our destination

Lets not leave distances unraveled in an expedition.


Somethings control us without we having any control over them. One of these things are, our own thoughts that keep running in our minds and we don’t even realize them being there. They are our masters but to be their slaves or not, is still our choice.


These words that keep coming and going

some are digging and some are sowing

the seeds of learning in my mind

in yours might be just redefined.

They create substances, they create ideas too

on one they’re queue, the other are glue

they make us lead; they make us follow

they make us do everything shallow or hollow.

They give us life for when we’re asleep

they give us dreams to run and leap

they make our worlds they make our souls

they make us ourselves and define our roles.

It’s just one power that we possess

one and only control through which we assess

to what is good and what is bad

what to deduct and what to add.

We can be insane and irrational at all times

but what is sanity and rationality sometimes

it’s us to make the decision of what is right

to which path will be dark and which path bright!


It’s okay to not be perfect because sometime, somewhere or rather every time and everywhere we need to be who we are to let others understand us better the way we are and not be judgmental or very comparative about our identity.


Perfection states having quality of being flawless

But doesn’t being flawless mean almost near to Godliness

Then the question is of management of our lives

The state of mind by which every creature survives.

Don’t we believe ‘We learn from our mistakes!’

Without mistakes we would be as divine anyways.

But doing mistakes declares the existence of flaws

Does perfection not relate to effect or cause?

They’ve always said that ‘Nobody is perfect!’

I feel then the notion deprives someone from the aspect.

Because we have an image of sublimity or exquisiteness

And when somebody is near we always suppress.

That means our own acts might lead to doubts

Doubts that may bring people from heavy rains to droughts

What is the clarity then that one should think of as perfection?

Does anyone ever have a vivid straight direction?

Isn’t it more important to have an exceptional identity

Than to run behind something that will merely create insanity

It’s better to be real than to be considered perfectly excellent

Because somewhere back home one will have to make a settlement.

Why wear two masks and be good actors?

When we can even though be ourselves and be inspiring factors?

Even if we do not have much to teach

Isn’t it just commendable to practice what we preach?


Β Isn’t change the only thing that doesn’t change?

big kid

Difficult and demanding

Isn’t change extremely outstanding

Either you adapt or it will adapt you

Accept challenge or fight challenges all through.

Nothing is constant even time flies by

Then why we wish to abide and later wry

The only way is to approach

And before it can intrude we encroach.

Permanent states no obstacles

Like love without squabbles

Comfort zone reveals no discovery

Like a quick pizza delivery.

No change meant no age

No change meant book without page

No change meant no butterflies

No change meant paralyze.

Changes often prevent

Changes mean less accident

Thus they seem better than cure

Step onto the right boat and be sure.