“Your words repeat, you use similar rhymes, review your work, read before you write!”


And what did I do? I was all low, sat and cried!

Cried because my only work was criticized, something for which I held pride

I went back and opened my books, read and re-read

I marked too many words in them, marked with blue, green and red.

But while marking, my tears stopped tripping, on a page…

Where I found pictures of loved ones holding me tight in little age

My smile broadened every minute second

The thought of ‘reviewing’ vanished then, rather it wasn’t even reckoned.

Because I understood then, the power that REPETITION had

It did not subtract or divide, but simply multiplied, it did add.

No, I ain’t teaching any sort of math here…

But this formula of life was simple to me now. It became clear.

The repetition of kisses on my forehead that mom kept gifting

I kept rising higher through it, higher I kept lifting.

The repetition of protection in my brother’s arms

Taught me how to live courageously, without weapons; without arms.

The love of my father, the care of my sister

Kept me away from fears, away from the dripping eyes of that Mister.

Their love was nothing but repetition of little things

Which turned stronger just by continuation and now they were big things.

I perceived, repetition wasn’t bad rather it was rehearsal

Repetition was a truth, so universal.

Repeating mistakes makes us aware that they are mistakes

Until then who has the nerve for re-takes?

I learn words, when I repeat

Rhymes can be few, but thoughts I won’t cheat.

My work is vivid and sorted today

Because I’m learning something new everyday.

I’ll write you read, try reading just more than words this time

I’m sure you’ll find more meaning than just rhyme!


2 thoughts on “Repetition!

  1. Dear Anish Anna,
    Thank you so much! I’m delighted to know you like my work. I will keep writing better and never let you down. Thank you so much for encouraging and motivating me always! It has made a beautiful difference! Thank you once again! πŸ™‚


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