No films would be made without any action.


How far are you from your goal?

Is it set everywhere? Is it in your soul?

Are you in action or are you still waiting?

For the time keeps running, it’s restating.

You don’t need thoughts, you need ideas

So stop thinking, forย you are no Midas.

Get up and go for you have to achieve your dream

Free yourself from the world esteem.

Be responsible, be quick, work hard with grit

There isn’t anyone like you, so just befit.

Irrespective of what people say or feel

Go ahead for yourself, and close your eyes to feel.

Understand what you were born for

And get that straight to your core.

Imagine what you have to be

And stop reading this, just go and be.

Work hard for the time is now or never

Be bold, be you, be in action forever.



Moments will always fleet away with time.


I somehow feel I’ve stopped appreciating the time I have, for the time I will lose

I know it always quite depends on what we decide and what we wish to choose.

But, what exactly is the fun of losing this particular moment for a past memory?

Or losing this present minute or current second for a future happening story?

I feel that I don’t live my present quite well enough

Just by thinking how I will reach to the next one, which is tough.

At times we don’t enjoy the present ourselves because of sharing it socially

The social need of taking us forward to trends is increasing expeditiously.

Imagine a sunset, beautifully pink and golden shining at a seashore

But we are running away in the need for more.

Isn’t the sunset quite enough to enjoy for this moment?

Isn’t it just perfectly adding to the day like a valuable component?

How about a deliciously fulfilled bowl of your favourite dish?

Why is there any needย to capture it and miss the aroma of your dish?

Every moment of our life is worth sharing if we notice it carefully

But wouldn’t we have a story to narrate if we hadn’t posted pictures socially?

It’s serene to live the present without thinking about the past or future

Isn’t there so much in this moment for us to nurture?

There’s so much to do right away if we think about it

Also there’s so much to live by, bit by bit.


Life is fun when work is your play.


Each moment counts.

And memories audit them to accounts.

To be with loved ones or to love what you do

To play a sport or to live a life all new.

To wake up to fulfill a dream

Or to have a date with friends on the beam.

At times to take the scenic route even if it’s longer

To get going on a tough path to get stronger.

Life is fun if you take it that way

Jump, run, scream or just getaway.


Wondering about how some people can’t change at all.


Changes are good, they make us accept ourselves better.

They might be adverse or tough, but they are a life setter.

Why do we term people evil for changing in life?

We all have to change with time, it’s constant for every life.

Changes don’t make anyone good or bad

They are just what time gets for us, so be glad.

It depends on us right? The path we choose?

So blame the wrong path, it’s not the person to refuse.

Don’t you remember falling off the stairs as a two year old?

You learned with time right? Now everything controlled.

Wasn’t that change necessary? Isn’t learning important?

Then why are changes termed evil and unimportant?

No change ever carried an effect with it

It depends on us, whether to regress or progress with it.

What Time Is It?

One month, sixteen days, twenty-one hours, forty-seven minutes and fifty-four seconds by my clock.


Last night I was wondering, how swift is time

At times it’s slow too; like a tough mountain climb.

But, today I’m talking about the moments that just pass

The pasts that didn’t ever let us forecast.

Either the times when we’re in absolute hurry

Or the moments we’re enjoying each second with no hurry.

They pass like they had just started and ended too

We never realise when the clock ran from ten to two.

Well, that’s exactly how this year has been for me

I’ve made quite a great start this year for me.

While we can all count, how more than a month has gone by

Yet how many of us can be happy or proud about what’s gone by?

I truly am satisfied, there were downs no doubt

But I’ve had plenty or abundant to be happy about.

It’s been fun and exciting to learn so much more

And I’m sure this year will leave me with joys in gallore.

While it’s never too late to still begin a new story

To be the best and to be in one’s own glory!

The Letter Book!

Yet so much to say and convey!



Years ago, I came into the practice of writing letters

Since words were my best friends, they made the best happiest letters.

I loved stamping and posting letters to friends and family

As a kid I loved pasting some stickers or some sort of smiley.

At times I used to get replies, at times I’d write letters to myself

I would write them yearlong and hide them for my birthday in some shelf.

Soon we got into the habit of emails and got busier with life

More than fun, now typing truly felt like a huge strife.

Learning how to type words at first was quite interesting

But losing my letters to emails was quite distressing.

Sooner or later I realized my words felt better on paper with ink

In my hand writing, with neatness and at times the smell of ink.

I felt my fingers hurt to type the smallest of phrases

I wanted to hear the scribbles than the keyboard key noises.

It was amazement at start to get replies at an instant of a second

But I longed for my letter replies, that made me happy each second.

Yes, technology moved way faster getting better advancements for us

But it also took some little pleasures away thus.

I still write letters and post them until the postman has a job

For someday I know, there’d be no books or inks for my job.

For someday, someone won’t cry reading my letter

That day, an email too would lie unread, while it would be a love letter.


A short poem for people like me who spent their Valentine’s Day reading.


For my first love was always hidden in one of these books

Inside those crazy pages, beside those flowing brooks.

He still lies here, it’s just that now I know where

He’s aware of me reading through his soul but doesn’t care.

A love story was never just the two of us

It had pages of ink and lead and it’s a story thus.

We just lay in bed laughing at some of our stupid mistakes

And life kept giving us more of those moments for more remakes.

A book wouldn’t be able to sum up our story in it’s pages

But books are just summaries of life lived in stages.

Thus I was reading one to remember the beautiful times spent with you

And soon I realized how eagerly I wanted a new moment with you.