Delayed Guilt!

What would happen if the question “What Next?” hit our minds faster than guilt?


Failure is not rare

But things related to failure scare.

How would it be if the tears came later

Much later after another responsibility greater.

If another try came just after a defeat

Another step to reach the same goal on the same street.

Another exercise to be stronger the same way

A little more of practice until another exam everyday.

Wouldn’t that be a better way to put our thoughts to use

Rather than crying over spilled milk and make another excuse.

It isn’t important for the world how hard you tried

For them it is more important that you failed even after you tried.

Why not give it another try and reach that star

Without giving anyone the time to see the tears, see your scar.

To take a step forward in the right direction even after you fell

To mark a trail and have a better story to tell.



The story of getting caught.


He gets caught in her eyes

She gets caught in his surprise

Their words get caught in the throat

Their eyes speak the rest to unquote

It’s not that bad to get caught at times

To get caught to discover sometimes

To look for something new in the old diaries

To hide something valuable in the inquiries

Does getting caught always mean of something hidden

Or can one in there also find something forbidden

How does one decide good or bad

How does one decide happy or sad

Because she wants to hide her love behind those walls

And he never had the courage to lie, he recalls

 She has been a solitary observer hasn’t had much to share

But now when he hides there, the world shows care

Is being behind the walls so evil

Why this investigation? Why this retrieval?

She wants to getaway, she wants to escape

He wants to hide and lose himself for her to reshape.

They aren’t afraid of getting caught

To say out love they cannot.

Words are in the stare, love is in the air

Hide or reveal us, come ensnare.


Today, is the 69th year of Indian independence and I can’t keep from stating how privileged I feel to be free. Free as a human being, an individual, a soul.


The Indian freedom struggle was not quite an easy one

Yet our fighters held the tricolor high and independence they won.

They won it for us, for this nation to live free

For the birds to fly high over the farthest sea.

Freedom is a state of mind

A state of soul very kind.

The love for liberty is something really sublime

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

 And we did it even if it took long

We did it like the warriors, mighty and strong.

To fly like birds high in the sky

Because they said “Do Or Die”.

Today is the day, when I take a pledge

To spread the pride and cheer of my freedom until the edge.

To live my life as a proud responsible for my country

And give whatever I can to see it high and free.

To see happiness in the eyes of the people

To spread love and respect to the hearts of the people.

The Teddy Bear Hug!

A hug has all the warmth to melt a heart.


We all need hugs most of the times from various people in life.

Whether it’s from mom, dad, mate or wife.

As a kid I always ran into my dad’s arms

He picked me up in his hug and I was away from all harms.

A hug from mom during exams was a blessing in disguise

She didn’t give me strength but confidence to rise.

A hug from my sister let me know she was always there

That was her way to tell me, “I care”.

A hug from my brother was a shield of protection

It was his way to showcase love and affection.

 A hug from a friend made me know that I wasn’t alone

Friends were always there with me to share a part of my soul.

A hug is cure for every illness

A hug is the source for all wellness.

A hug puts all broken pieces together

A hug is a peaceful healer altogether.

So when she hugs you now, don’t leave her until she does

Let silence in the air carry all the sorrow away as it was.

And when he hugs, hug back tight.

Because there’s nothing better that will make it right.

When I Miss You!

For a loved one, from a beloved.


Absence matters to me

It’s the only way I get to see

To know how your presence feels

To know how my heart conceals

The ache of missing you

The pain of long days and nights few

I don’t know how to express

The words I have for you are maybe less

But these are all I can give

To let you know how I live

A life without you so incomplete

I wear a smile and my tears I pleat

A minute without you is breath taking

A moment without you is heart breaking

A day without you feels empty

Imagining more is a life of tears petty

To describe what I do when you are far

Is one word that states to wait, until near you are

I don’t know what you do or how you feel

But this isn’t easy for me to deal

Life isn’t simple and I’m not strong

I just need you, don’t get me wrong

It isn’t hard to live without you

But it’s just hard to live when I miss you.

One Thousand Four Hundred And Forty Minutes!

What have I got to do with this number? Well, this is just a way of looking at our day more minutely.


When I have to wait for a minute, just one

Those sixty seconds seem very long and not minute one.

When I’m running late and I say “Give me five minutes!”

Those three hundred seconds fly in the time of a minute’s.

But who ever thought a short day would own so much time?

The same everyday we lived, thinking we had no time.

Today, I could own a basket full of good memories in exchange for my age

But I spent time worrying about how to do what all my teenage.

Had I lived a moment or just 90 seconds of 1440 minutes a day

I would have 30 good times in a month, having one each day.

Imagine spending a little more than a moment or two

And having a big collection of good memories too.

Yes, all that time has passed and no one can get it back

But tell me in the 40 years of age how many good memories are there on the stack?

And as time passes I’ll be more forgetful of what I have

So why don’t I make something memorable with everything I have.

To live with happiness even if what came to me today wasn’t that pleasing

To make every moment count like we were sneezing.

How well do you remember the first day of office?

Why not grab this opportunity to make a vivid memory out of everyday of office?

Life might be short with long hard days

But making it a long life with small special days has many ways.

I may not be able to make my whole day add

But if I can add a few moments to my whole day I’ll be glad.

To stock up a library of golden memories even when I’m blue

To have lived a million years of happiness, when I have to say goodbye, say adieu.


For one bond that lasts lifelong, is true friendship.


I never had a lot of anything

But I always had a little of everything.

I never had a lot and many of friends

But I had a few who would handle my ends.

Lifelong I thought so many people don’t like me

But there were a few who really loved me.

I never had gratitude for those who were mine

But those who weren’t, for them I’d always whine.

Today when I have someone who scolds me when I’m wrong

I feel loved, blessed and strong.

Someone who owns a smile with pride in my happiness

Without whom life is a little more than loneliness.

My teachers always taught me

To be a friend to those who would let me be.

I think I’ve found a better me in their company

Friends I have aren’t many, but they pull me back from difficulty any.

  They make me cry but we laugh a little louder

They stand tall but I feel prouder.

Today I am much more than blessed

Not much rich, but I have the biggest treasure chest.

I have friends like you do

I have the one who will sit through.

The measure of joy I hold is, infinity

And the bond I share with them is affinity.