Fragrance Of The First Rain!

How many times do we really notice those little things that add happiness without even making us feel they did?


For me it was the fragrance of the first rain

For him it was the roaring sea that was nothing vain

For her it was sipping her midnight coffee

For them it was in sharing a single toffee.

For someone it maybe walking on wet grass

For someone wiping that little piece of antique brass

For someone it maybe blowing the trumpet

For someone it maybe playing with a puppet.

That girl there rejoices when she dances

That boy draws little graffiti onto glasses

They listen to music together, they spend time through it

And these little ones, run behind each other and outdo it.

That chocolate pastry, reciting those songs, laughter of the kids, cozy blankets

What makes us happy is never that big, like finding money one doesn’t know of, in pockets

Life’s little pleasures surprise us all the time

They give us something really sublime.

The point is, look up and notice something beautiful waiting

Mom has kept your favorite cake on the desk awaiting!!!


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