Sing, Dance and Sway!

Isn’t life becoming all so busy to do what we really like?


The song doesn’t linger into my mind any more

I don’t really get the nerve to get of that door.

The window of my computer screen is always open

With a list of unending work that never lets aperture of my mind reopen.

I smile when I see those children swinging in the park

Some of them hiding behind the rustling tree bark.

I notice myself now so dull and tired

Filled with no energy almost uninspired.

I walk down the lane looking away

For no reason such prices I pay.

Happiness knocks now and then; I fail to listen to it’s whispers

Every morning with the winds through my window; at times it has whiskers.

These windows are shut now because important documents flew out in the air once

 Were they really important then, today I have confronts.

We don’t really realise how quick time flies

We don’t wait to see it flow gently with real eyes.

I wish I had more time to do more of something I like

To go out cycling, to be with family, to go and hike.

I wish I had more time now, so I didn’t have to wait for that day

Where I could sing, dance and sway.



It isn’t easy to stand by someone in all difficult and unhealthy situations. But what if I ask you not to stand by but just stay?

Not all road trips are fun and easy

Most make you tired and dizzy.

What if you fell ill on one?

To be there beside, will there be someone?

I fell ill; very ill

On a road trip, while driving uphill.

At first I felt cool and nice

But soon it was just ice.

Ice all around, stranded on freezing cold land

No more shelter to cover, no warm sand.

In a while temperatures rose

A little motivation came to me and to drive again I chose.

Enjoying the cold breeze I went ahead with a head held high

And the next thing was hailstorm from the sky.

How would you feel in this situation all alone?

I felt all the same, in a lonely zone.

An old man, a heavenly messenger, almost a saviour

Patted my back, added blessings, he came for a while to do such a favour.

I drove again, now a more steeper way

But neither did I have any choice nor any further day.

Kept driving until my health gave up

Frozen like ice, swollen like a balloon, to have hoped for better I felt like a chump.

But keep going they say, there’s always a way

Tired this much, I had no one to complaint to, today.

Then I met a soldier doing his daily drill

Trust me I now know, it was not easy, quite a thrill.

Cried so loud asking for help, scolded him I guess for doing just little help

 And then reached the top after so much difficulty and yelp.

It was a task and I know it wasn’t easy

But it would be better to hold a warm hand in such a weather so uneasy.

To cry on someone’s shoulder without worrying of tears and why

To scream at someone close, for he or she wouldn’t be hurt to wry.

If you were asked to hold someone’s hand just to be there?

Would you say yes without thinking of what’s fair?

At times we don’t understand why screams and why cries

They might not be necessary, but take them and be wise.

Don’t stand by like a solid rock to protect and care

Just stay and a corner of your heart just share. 


The only language that can be heard without being spoken.


The best way to convey your heart is by being silent

For in love we whisper and in anger we turn violent.

The best way to care is by being present there

To show that you cherish, to show that you share.

Why does it become important to say everything you feel?

Supreme to put your heart out; to reveal?

Silence doesn’t mean I’m lonely or sad always

Sometimes it means, it’s peaceful to be with you in quite many ways.

When you own silence how do words matter?

When you can hear the stillness then why wish for chatter?

A few words unsaid say stories to me

When eyes do the talking and hearts do the listening, why speak to be.

My silence will tell you everything you need to know

You can hear the voice of my heart yet love me so.

Silence has a meaning that, I can’t explain

I can speak it loud, you can hear it loud enough. What’s more to gain?


Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.


I lose myself to gain you

I’ll lose every time to be with you.

I want you to be here, every now and then

With passing time I need you to come again.

Your alluring eyes when they caress me

It’s a new world I can see.

Those ears when they patiently listen

 To my words, I shine and glisten.

That winsome smile that reflects on me,

I get crimson coy, with delight I hush up and glee.

The poise face holds all my attention

My heart whispers a million words I can’t mention.

I kiss your forehead to give you all the love I can

You kiss me back within no time span.

Those arresting lips steal my breath away

I die a thousand years, is all I can say.

Your arms do a remarkable job even you don’t know

They hold me close, far I don’t wish to go.

Those fingers engage in mine

Strong and mighty they are, yet clasp me just fine.

Your toes do no less, they tickle my feet

I know you’re sweet, but my love, you cheat.

Nonetheless I love you not from head to toe

I love you from inside me and you know.

You and I are no case or example of loving unconditionally

 But just an example of redamancy.

Bruises Or Scars!

Life isn’t an easy game. Some lose even without entering the ‘player name’.nintendo-new-super-mario-bros-ds-art-screenshot

I cried loud when I tripped off my three-tyre bicycle at the age of two

I cried a little lesser when I fell flat my face at the age of eight from a bicycle this time tyres two.

I sobbed when I fell rolling down a hill from a much larger bicycle at the age of thirteen

Was I pretending or was I stronger as a teen.

We fall most of the times that we wish to compete

At times even mistakes we confidently repeat.

We fall hard and hurt ourselves

At times so hard that we can’t get up ourselves.

But when we get up again and try this time

Our scar seems no ridicule but sublime.

And when we don’t. Neither get up again nor try

Even bruises make us wry and cry.

Bruises get healed, scars remain

But owning both, isn’t that vain.

Something that’s vain is, to not be able to deal

To deal with a bruise or scar that might not heal.

Be proud of scars, showcase them with regard and smile

Let bruises heal, they’re there for just a while.

Don’t turn around in despair of the pain

It’ll provide not just pleasure later but also gain.

Fight your battle or the next player will

Don’t just sit and sob near your window sill.

Life isn’t always a fair play, a fair game

But don’t stop playing without gaining yours as the player name.

Secret Letters!

My mother loves my father unconditionally and my father loves my mother further unconditionally.


He was hiding something; my dad

Looking through the corner of his eyes, with a smile so glad.

Writing something with his favourite pen

A love letter; I wouldn’t understand then.

A few years later I saw my mother doing the same

The same old hiding game.

A little grown up I was to know their little story untold

A little more older now, to hold those letters and unfold.

Fear crept in mother’s eyes as soon as I entered her space

A little beam showing up all over her face.

“Do you want something?” she arose

“Those letters” I said, while going close.

That day and today, those letters are hidden yet

But I know the story behind, all set.

They wrote secret letters for each-other

So that there is something to hold when there is no other.

Letters for “When I’m not there!”

Letters for “When life isn’t fair!”

And they hid their letters in a safe corner of each-other’s shelves

Without knowing there was one for themselves.

A love story I can live by

A true love story I won’t deny.

There might be things we aren’t able to convey before we have to go

Because life does have an expiry date and we all know.

Leave your girlfriend, child, mother, brother a few secret gifts

So that when they don’t have your hand to hold, there is still something that uplifts.

Leave love for every time they miss you

Leave Secret Letters, even if a few.

Where The Sky Meets The Sea!

Skyline, horizon, edge, end, beginning, stories, memories and waves.


How does one know whether it’s a beginning or an end

Whether the path ahead is straight or has a bend

How difficult it is to stand firm at the threshold

To look ahead at the bright future or to look at the good times old

To think of good, bad, young memories and move on

To think of new times, starts, difficulties and hold on

These waves pull us back to the life we’ve been habitual to

These winds pull us forward to a new world to outdo

 To write new stories about the olden days

To learn from the written ones and find new ways

Standing here on the edge isn’t quite easy

But I like this place more; where the sky meets the sea

To have the best of both worlds

To not create stories but words

To hold time and die young

To hum a new song which is yet unheard, not sung.