The Sacred Place!

We all have some blessing within us and the best part is that we can share it. I call it, The Sacred Place.

The Sacred Place!.jpg

Until today I knew that knowledge increased on sharing

But today I found another thing that just got added with caring.

It’s a small blessing that we have within us

And even after giving it to others, it has no minus, only plus.

It has a warmth, it releases a lot of stress

Can you guess what this one thing can be, can you assess?

A blessing absolutely free and non-taxable

It silently performs and definitely passable.

Can you still not guess it? I’ll give you another clue.

You can give this blessing to me at the same time I’m giving it to you.

You might smile when you get this from your mom, companion or friend

Yet, you will want more it just has no end.

This is a better medicine than happiness too, a better drug

Okay that’s it! No more suspense, it’s called a hug.


End Of My Mind!

The path that I want to go to, always lies at the end of my mind. I never have a clear vision of what I really want to do.

End Of My Mind!.jpg

As a five year old I wanted to have a superb hand-writing

As a seven year old the classical dancing was too exciting.

As a nine year old I wanted to win the four hundred meter race for my school

And today as a nineteen year old too, I don’t know what really is cool.

Honestly, I never felt guilty about not knowing what to do

Because on my way to life, I’ve been learning things new.

I might have not shaped my body as a marvellous girly sculpture

But my body can fight and heal all pain that’s a feeling of great rapture.

Yes, most people who have fame today started at sixteen

But to get known or be successful one doesn’t really have to start as a teen.

So many people started their careers at forty

Can you imagine the kind of grit required? They were so sporty.

Most of my mind still doesn’t know what exactly to do

And most of it does know what one has to really really do.

I have to take care of my body because that’s the place I’ll live in forever

I have to use each day like it’s the last, forever.

I don’t have to think about what others think

If I think about their thoughts I’ll just blink.

I have to dance, even if it’s just on my bed and no stage

I have to listen and talk to my family because no mobile phone will help in an awkward age.

Yes, maybe the path I have to reach with hard work is at the end of my mind

Yet, my friend, I won’t leave for that a marvellous life somewhere behind.


There’s someone who has always taught me to choose what’s right for me.


In today’s fast moving lives, where industries grow and change

We as people have so much to choose from and arrange.

Most people have told me, that my choice is a simple one

But, most of the times I take a lot of time and effort to choose one.

If I get two options I ask someone else to choose for me

But if I get four, it’s a very difficult situation to be.

And as the number of option increases

My mind starts getting confused and my power to choose decreases.

After a few of such option encounters I’ve found

That the same scenario occurs when decision making comes around.

Most of the times, I’ve asked for opinions in family before deciding

And that has been the best for me, so subsiding.

But, recently I’ve realised that, “Until when”?

There maybe a time when my choice and decision might differ again.

Then what? Whom would ask for opinion and whom would I answer?

This felt to me like, mind cancer.

But soon I found that choices are the best thing that happen to us

There’s no strict way of living thus.

It’s your own way and you have to walk it eventually

So the decision should be yours even after it came from a million other choices actually.

So I learned to choose for myself

And to do that I would walk in my shoes myself.

I’d always look for what comforts me the most

And ultimately it would my decision present or post.

Taking opinions will still be present

But what suits me, only my decision will represent.


What comes to your mind first when you read the word “fights”? What came to my mind right after I read it, was love.


Sometimes I feel sad that I’ve fought really less in my life

Like honestly, all my relationships have held strong without strife.

But then when I look back to fights I’ve had

Even by looking at some fights I be so glad.

Because every time I’ve fought with a loved one

I’ve come back strong, stronger with that someone.

Come back with a realisation of what suits one and another

Come back with a feeling of knowing better the other.

Small arguments too sometimes have led to tears

But I’ve come back with larger smiles and no more fears.

It’s not quite difficult to get back strong

There maybe a time which isn’t so right, it’s wrong.

But looking for what’s good is always better and easy

Keeping faith and giving back in a relationship can always get it back to breezy.

I wish today, I had more valuable fights

Trust me it’s such a beautiful feeling, it just delightfully reunites.

Vande Mataram!

Today we celebrate India’s 67th Republic Day!


“Vande Mataram” were two superb words written in Bengali in 1882.

We use these two words even today as they are simply new.

They always meant, praise of mother.

While mother meant simply India and no other.

India even today might not be a perfect country

Yet she is as beautiful as mother, a magnificent country.

She might not be strong and mighty with power

Yet she blossoms in all the dust like a pretty flower.

I have weakness and so do you

So does my Mother India, yet she fights through.

She always has a generation of strength and ability

She is the country’s inspiration and all capability.

Her colours, her air, her fragrance, her flair

 Marks serenity and peace, makes us salute I swear.

The Indian Pledge was written by a Telugu scholar in 1962.

“India is my country” even today say I and you.

The pledge meant, India will always remain in our hearts

And it shines in our dances, virtues and arts.

Need Or Want?

The endless desires we fulfil to grow mindlessly.

Need Or Want?

I’ve been working really hard to be perfect

Really hard to remove each part of me that’s imperfect.

I practice and push myself each day to move ahead

Sometimes, I do much more than I need to go ahead.

This craving to be perfect at everything I wish

Whether it’s writing, running or making a new dish.

I don’t know if it makes me stronger or no

But it sure does make me a little incapable though.

That pushing of my spine every now and then

Makes me lose my strength every now and again.

 Sometimes I find myself doing much more than I really can

It makes me cry and laugh together when I fail at my plan.

It makes me wonder am I really doing justice with my life

When each day I wake up and see just a new strife.

The feeling of being not great hits my heart hard

I never feel the blessing about something good in me, even after I work hard.

After a million times of trying to reach ahead I’ve understood

That I was good even earlier, wherever I stood.

The only desire to reach another mark

Makes me lose the journey completely, nothing to remark.

Now that I understand myself, I can find my needs

Because until now I was fulfilling wants with my deeds.

The desire to be perfect is not what we really require

It’s just a feeling of reaching Perfection that we acquire.

What we only need is to get better

Whether it’s at writing, running or knitting a sweater.


One word says it all. Faith.


Will I stay on track when in doubt?

Or will I put my head down and turn about?

Will I continue to walk alone without fear?

Or will I lose hope and settle near?

Will I trust myself when no one else does?

Edison wasn’t supported, so was the story of Buddha’s.

Will I be able to wait or lose my patience?

Faith breaks majorly because of impatience.

Will I close my eyes to dream a new dream?

Or will one nightmare affect my every dream?

Will I count my broken pieces or put them back together?

Will I accept defeat one after the other?

Will I begin again, if I fail in the beginning?

Will I go ahead to see myself winning?

Will I complete my story or lose it after a few pages?

Will I die an ordinary man or live after death for ages?

It’s all in me to trust or misplace myself somewhere

It’s just my choice to look back or head somewhere.