Last Breath!

I can’t expect to GET without giving.


Even a breath comprises of inhalation and exhalation

But yet to get something, I just try giving my explanation

To get what I want, why I should win

I never thought, I was doing a massive sin.

A sin of doing absolutely nothing yet craving to get everything

To just want the fruit, my life tree wasn’t even bearing 

To get what I desire but not what I deserve

And to waste it once received, no reserve, no conserve.

Today when I see all that I’ve received

There’s nothing to stand by, nothing that I’ve achieved

I have received love or pain for a reason

Even my pain I’ve caused no good, I’ve given it just treason.

Yes, I expect a lot from myself, my life

But ultimately isn’t is just my own life

I can’t reap the fruits from someone else’s garden

Even if they love me and I’m no burden.

It definitely is hard but this work was meant just for me

It wasn’t meant for me to sit and see

It was assigned to my life because I could do it better

What if it is difficult, I shouldn’t get bitter.

Because life has given me plenty of pleasures too

Something that I never thanked for, never said a simple “Thank you”

Tomorrow if I even get to see a new dream

Or I get to see the sun beam

I will live it to my fullest without missing the slightest trace

I will simply live it to the highest grace.

I will move my feet now as if it’s my last dance

I will grab that opportunity as if it’s my only chance

I definitely don’t know whether it’s decades or minutes for death

So why not live each as my last breath?


Swiss Fantasy!

Favourite flavour of ice-cream and its fascination.


How many times do you fall for your favourite ice-cream all over again?

How many times do you want to hold a pencil to sign documents more than a pen?

How many times do you want to run with that kid, race and let him win?

And how many times do you want tears in eyes and at same time own a large grin?

Every time you can live that dream once more?

Every time you can live your life like before?

Life gives us a million chances, to smile like an infant without any reason

A million chances to dance like a four year old without any occasion

A million chances to pick a pencil and scribble a world of thoughts without any barriers

A million chances to relish the taste of the ice-cream without worrying about managers.

When did you last stop to see this chance?

When did you stop and have a glance?

When did you want to race a bunch of kids?

When to dream a new dream you closed your eyelids?

But now I want you to stop, stay and stare

Stare at chances million but rare.

Stay close to leisure and not run with time

Because now I know there’s a lot more time.

To not sleep because of low energy but for a new dream.

To enjoy every bit of that ice-cream.

To run, race, fall and laugh not with but on life.

To be satisfied now and not wait until mid-life.

We all know where we want to go, and the place is called happiness

Then why do we wait for our teeth to fall to smile and then witness

Time keeps running but we can stop and breathe

Life is to be lived and not just survived with speed.

Don’t lose that smile in this rush, there’s nothing better than ecstasy

Give away all the worry and enjoy your “Swiss Fantasy”!


Life is such an ironical place to be or maybe we are. We take for granted, the largest of pleasures we already have and long to appreciate something that we don’t.


Maybe because it’s very late for me to understand

That I’ve started living life on my hand.

From my morning coffee cup to my night blanket

Life has become quite easy, as easy as wearing a jacket.

You don’t have to button it up, a zip has made all the effort go

No rock-climbing scars in life, because we all like a plateau.

 Yes, of course, less energy needed, even lesser time

No words, no promises, tasks get done even without a mime.

But someone who does them for us is always taken for granted

We don’t even demand, we order, we’re blunt and candid.

Disrespectful to the one who deserves most of our gratitude

The one who’s rare to receive our care, receives much more than attitude.

Lost, they find themselves to be

They lose themselves for us maybe.

But their affection for us goes to vain

We hurt them, we cause the pain.

They might never walk away and stay as long as they can

Because we are their first priority, and them from our lives we ban.

We give love and security to those who already have much

But we feel uncomfortable for the ones who need most as such.

I looked around today to see if I’ve ever given back

Given back a piece of my heart too, to the one who has always supported me back.

“I’ll get my steaming cup of coffee” tomorrow morning is well assumed

I take my pleasures for granted, even without giving anything in return is well presumed.


It’s Never Too Late!

How often do I win? How often have I not fallen? How often have I not given up? And how often did I achieve?


Almost never. Yes, never.

Why? Why did I take forever?

Forever and ever to live my dream

Forever and ever I got off-stream.

I gave up and never looked back

My life has been piled in a stack.

With dust over it, meaningless and useless too

My reflection tells me, “This can’t be you!”

“Why?” I ask, but comes no reply

I feel like a device, put on standby.

No aim, no hope, but to silently keep living

Tasks lie in my head and I stay unwilling.

Is there a reason for my existence?

If I have to just do what I’ve been asked to at the instance?

Is there a reason good enough to feel proud?

No. I feel equivalent to that person lying inside the shroud.

What went wrong wasn’t wrong enough

I couldn’t make it right was more sinful, I wasn’t quite tough.

And I left it far behind

So far away, that I lost myself, too misplaced to find.

To find me, to find what I do

To find my life, to put it back into a statue.

But today I am, strong, confident and will be proud too

I wouldn’t run away now and that goal again I will pursue

We never are immune to procrastination

But ambitions don’t follow like our designation.

We might hit and fall and fall and hit

But we can survive only if we get up again to get fit.

To try, try, re-try but not put it aside

This path is difficult, but the other is narrow not wide.

Why choose the other way anyway, why postpone, why so prone?

Dreams do come true, I’ve seen and known.

Destiny maybe written somewhere, but I will write my own fate

I will live up to my dreams and stand tall, because it’s never too late.


Because I realised it was the best time to fulfil dreams.


The sun beam lighting me up

The steaming coffee cup

The cool breeze blowing through my hair

The chirping birds in mid-air.

The fragrance of the flowers

Squirrels hiding their nuts on towers

The buzzing of the bees

That music, that sight to please.

Those smiles, those laughters, blessings in the atmosphere

A début to life again, again a new première

  How blessed I am to watch something I will never lose

To watch truth with naked eyes, no blames, no excuse.

But I’ve committed mistakes, I’ve missed days from my life

I’ve missed the morning breeze, I’ve missed the sunrise

Today when I see the dawn breaking in front of my eyes

Dreams do come true I realise.

This morning made me understand

I was missing on coffee and living on toast, so bland

I capture this picture through my eyes of clouds unveiling the sky

I’m capturing love in me I can’t deny.

The love of dreams and how they come true

How the stars shine and morning brings a new hue

How the morning hour makes me perceive me as a sparkling star

And how the shining stars make me look far ahead and forget my scar.

Wake up tomorrow to fulfil a new dream

To see the clouds move and add on you a shining gleam.