Qualify THAT Quality!

We had just a few sentences between us, but he gave me LIFE in those few words that he said!

Power of Words

Oh I’m pleased to know… there are a few more like me who appreciate this art,

only you and me know how close it is to our heart.

This was long ago, but I still remember his words

The man who in his writing could describe the texture and color of the wings of the birds.

How often do you write? Do you write for YOURSELF?

He asked me, where for him, writing was life, was true self.

“Not much Sir, when teachers ask me to. Not for myself but for others, I do.”

Well determined you seem my child, but try writing for yourself someday, worlds you might outdo!

And then life began… when pen and paper became my best-friends

‘I wrote, I write, I will keep writing’ I said to myself, I wanted ascends

But no, my books, my words now had many more descends

I was losing hope, giving up, marking ends.

Gave up too, but just for a while

Opened old books once and somewhere after a few pages I found my smile.

I saw what I wrote. It all meant to be read by you

Nothing was there for me, after searching in quite a long queue.

So peaceful, so calm, so happy I am today

Because I found myself, I found my way.

All of us need to do this once in life.

We need to stop thinking about others and with ourselves break that strife.

Do something that you love, something you like

It isn’t necessary for your wife to think alike.

But if you aren’t happy how will you bring happiness on her face?

The cake is simply too bland without that icing, without that glace.

Do something that brings your smile back

Trust me, life will automatically set your track.


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