What can be a better gift than a compilation of all the love from all the corners of the universe and from the all the people you know.


Every day has it’s own story

Sometimes it’s a breakdown, sometimes it’s glory.

I lived two days at once today

I could really feel two worlds at my feet today.

The world of life and death

The world full of life at one end and at the other loss of breath.

It’s my twentieth birthday today

I went off to bed last night holding onto a smile of a new great day.

I woke up to the news of losing a friend

I was almost half dead myself, at my end.

The day passed like that, I didn’t know when I was happy and when sad

That is when I lived two worlds in one day, one was filled with blessings and the other seemed bad.

Maybe my friend is in a better place today that we can’t see

Maybe this is exactly how my birthday had to be.

With her blessings and without her

I don’t know what, how and when it occur.

All I know is, God was loving her and me at the same time

Today was definitely a compilation of something sublime.

All I know is she was a brave one and someone always at ease

I pray, may her soul rest in peace.



Have you ever seen a newborn? A cute little soul, with a tiny little body and big bright eyes?


In the race of finding our world or making one

We forget about things that we’ve actually won.

To taste new dishes and see new places

WeΒ pay no attention to moms food and dads embraces.

The first school race, the graduation day, the first kiss

And we’re busy clicking pictures and the real moment we miss.

Of course let’s capture but not just socially

Let’s memorize beauty again, let’s feel again deeply.

The first football match of a five year old

Or the last smile of a ninety year old.

The teasing and dancing and running behind friends

The effervesce of coffee on your face marking ends.

The new dress and new shoes

The new beginnings and the new ending hues.

Have you really enjoyed life the way it came to us

With family, friends, books and smiles around thus?


Have you seen the wonders of composure?


Sometimes sorrow takes it all

Takes a long turbulent ride that we’d often recall.

Sometimes we don’t know what we’re doing

Because anger controls our mind and we are just concluding.

Sometimes it’s difficult to react or think in the best possible way

Sometimes all we need is another day.

We all learn from different situations

A calm mind doesn’t come that easily, it takes a lot of patience.

It tests you, but it makes you stronger too

For only a composed mind makes you, the real you.


I always wanted to be a better me.


Life always keeps on moving

Moving, adapting, and improving.

It is made up of many little ups and downs

It has brought levels of tranquility and also breakdowns.

Life has taken a lot more of distress than what we have

It is seen a lot more than we ever will, than we yet have.

If you really go to think of it,

Everything falls into place bit by bit.

Sometimes I don’t understand as to whom I look in the mirror

Is life my reflection, maybe she’s my mirror.

Every track, road, pathway plays a role by being tough

And of course waiting in one place isn’t enough.

It doesn’t matter what we were or what we are

What matters is how we see ourselves somewhere far.

Not future, but thinking about something better

A better version of ourselves maybe, another go getter.


Have you ever wondered about all the beautiful things a blink could do?


Those sleepy eyes that attracted my attention

Were so beautiful that they had so much for comprehension.

Before I could understand or even think

They started to flutter and blink.

That blink is still stuck on my mind

Honestly, it’s so humble and kind.

It confines my fears at times

At times it becomes a part of the game, mimes.

At times it showcases I’m so sad

While often it makes my face look coy and glad.

It’s the beginning of my smile, beginning of tears too

It’s the veil to my eyes, it lets me hide so many things too.

It’s a prayer, respect, love and care

Isn’t it a very beautiful thing, so rare?

It symbolises a new life for me every morning

It is light and dark at the same time, so adorning.

Thank You!

I’ve always kept complaining about little things in life.

Have you thought of saying thank you every once in a while?
Thought of laughing randomly for a while?

To showcase a smile during a difficult situation

Or just something new, a different creation.

I’ve always kept complaining and later contemplating

You know it’s like predominating.

For complaining is when you don’t get something

In a big life, a little bit of something.

We all feel some kind of lack. The need or want of getting something

If we look at it through a broader perspective life works beautifully without that one thing.

But when we don’t get it, we feel that we’ve lost everything

And then we can’t look around and see that we still have everything.

I feel that in this life that I’ve got if I just keep saying thank you

I might find a lot of real value.

Of every little thing that surrounds me as a blessing

A little feeling of possessing that leads to a lot of progressing!


Most of my troubles go away just by seeing me happy.

Travelling on that road wasn’t easy
It could have been turbulent instead of breezy.

But most of it was my choice

About how to enjoy the rain as well as the snow and ice.

My destination was quite far

I knew the journey could be sweet or sour.

But I knew how to enjoy that taste

I just knew nothing would go waste.

I know it’s not easy to smile with a strong heart always

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right ways.

Sometimes all you want to do is cry

Sometimes an “Alas!” is very difficult, it’s difficult to take a sigh.

But have you noticed what happens when you react with a smile

I was listening to my favorite music and I crossed the most difficult mile.

That’s exactly what happens when we find happiness within and go ahead

No matter how difficult the path actually is ahead.

More than half of our problems are our assumptions of scenarios that won’t happen

And sometimes a free and happy mind can stop something to really misshapen.