It’s so absurd that we start planning for something unknown with so much excitement and eagerness.


With the year coming to a closure and the new one coming to life

We’re all striving hard to win with our own life.

Fight in a race that we’re ought to lose

But run like never before and yet try not to lose.

This year don’t just sit down and make a resolution

Get up from that couch and find a solution.

Don’t wait for it like you’ve always done

Get up, find it and get it done.

Smile and laugh as much as you breathe

Be excited inside and above the sheet.

Avoid those negative people, you need nothing but yourself

Unfollow what makes you sad, become envious and build yourself.

Get to bed early and see every morning rise

Show the sun that you’re better with the rise.

Be fierce, be wild, be adventurous, be autonomous

That’s definitely a life that’s much better than being monotonous.

Show more gratitude and give more than you take or even need

Give yourself the strength, be brave and do your deed.

Make each day of the coming year memorable

Don’t just be the better one at being comparable.



You are just what you need to be.


Changes, choices, decisions…

Are these your visions or collisions?

“Oh she looks so pretty!”

Wish I was more like her than being witty.

Wish I could wear that dress and walk like that

Wish I could go places far just like that.

Why don’t they talk to me, am I so unworthy?

I’m unfit, trying to fit in here, become some worthy.

So uninterested they are! Am I that imperfect?

What does the world need? What is “Perfect”?

Are dreamers inappropriate of being wise?

What’s flawed and incorrect in this world up-size?

Why does one need to prove their wit?

Why do they judge and not perceive, what’s their wit?

What’s individuality, if everyone’s the same sort of classy?

And who here is kind enough and not like glassy?

What have they got to do with who I am?

Why am I a question in their exam?

No matter what? They’re now in for a question too tough!

For whoever I am. I am just enough!

It’s All About The Story!

“There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.” – Josh Jameson


We all face the adversity of life and usually it seems quite unfair

Most of the times, we can’t improve the situation or repair.

We can’t go back in time to live again or rectify

In some moments we can’t even perceive or identify.

In those moments it’s difficult to know what to do

Whether to go on or turn around and say adieu.

This time it’s so tough that you don’t wish to take another step

For each step so far too seems just like a misstep.

You don’t know what’s worse and you seem to know no glory

It’s all about the story.


I know how to run behind things. I’m an avid learner.


It’s important for each of us to know our passions right

It’s important for us to understand the fight.

The fight we have to go through to live our dream

The dream that keeps flowing through our minds like a  river stream.

Difficult paths locate us to the most serene destinations

Every tough question has multiple solutions.

Perceive the obstacle standing in your way

And if that’s you yourself step away.

Struggles are beautiful they tell you your strength

They teach you of the lessons you would never learn at great length.

If one dream fades away there’s another one waiting for you

So don’t miss out the chance by trying for something not meant for you.

Know your passions right and follow them until the end

At times there might be a u-turn, a pothole or a bend.

Enjoy the rains, the spring and the snow for one day will be bright with sunlight

That day will be the right day to fly your kite.


This world doesn’t understand the power of goodness, until it can feel it.


Don’t give a word, for they won’t respect it

Prove it to them, show your grit.

Don’t promise to them, they won’t live it

Just live like a promise would and give it.

Don’t tell them what you’ll do

For they’ll try proving you wrong too.

Just do what you love and love what you do

Be yourself, you don’t have to prove your existence through.

A Mix Of Ingredients!

Have you tried a mix of spices in your dish? A little of salt and pepper in your plain curd?


Isn’t is fun sometimes to be a mix of things?

A classic dress with a fun of dangling earrings?

A little sunshine and a lot of rain

At times also a lot of peace and a little pain.

A little love story in a thriller is fun

“He held her in his one arm and in the other was a gun.”

An all time blue jeans with a white t-shirt

Or spice up the fun with a high low skirt?

A strange thing to do with a weird companion

The pictures of a friend peeling an onion.

The party of vowels sing “a i e o u”

A little more of “I love you too!”

It’s okay to be confused sometimes

There a huge mix of emotions to live in all lifetimes.

The Extra Mile!

Most of the times, we feel we lack time. We can’t do the things we quite wish to do.


I wish I could pick the pencil up and just scribble

You may feel like you need a break to do the dribble.

Sometimes it’s an urge to get a new pen and write

Someone out there wants to go to the ring to fight.

One of us just needs a break to swing

Some want to pray or eat or dance or do their thing.

While all of us are caught up in the rush of our lives

There’s something that still deprives.

A part of ourselves is missing somewhere

While we’re just running around here and there.

I want solve my jigsaw puzzle

Or hug him tight and nuzzle.

It’s just an extra mile not the lack of time

Let’s do it to create something sublime.