Don’t be good, don’t get better. Be the best they’ve ever known.

You need no ladder to reach the sky
And now is the day to do or die,
Well, they’ll laugh and you might cry
But it’s your life, so don’t take standby.

Strive harder under the moon and sun
Do all you can, call it outdone,
Don’t dream to become like someone
Dream and practice and work to be the one.

Work as hard as you can today
For hard work pays off anyway.
Do something that takes your breath away
Make it last at the end of the day.

Try try and only try
They can’t stop birds that fly high,
When in crisis, close your eye
And dream again to fly high.

For one day they’ll scream your name
Higher above their voice and fame.
For you’ll be that overcame
The noise of fear and shame.


50 Days!

Why wait for a new year, when today is a new day?


One page of the story or the story itself?

I’ve been striving so hard and working on myself.

Each day and every night, I say tomorrow will be great

And when I wake up in the morning, it’s already eight.

I don’t need January 1st, for a great morning workout

I just need a new bright shining morning to step out.

We all just need the courage to begin and take a minutely small step

No excuses and definitely without worries of taking a misstep.

It’s crazy how these lines motivate but scare us too

Yet, if they motivate you, don’t make a resolution new.

Just take a small step for today and maybe just tomorrow

Without regrets of failing this year, without sorrow.

Resolute to not wait for the new beginning

Decide today and now, to be your own beginning.

It’s 50 days from today my friend, let’s make them count

Let’s consider ourselves as the best opportunity to account.

50 days to New Year, another new beginning maybe

Yet, today isn’t any less special to begin and be.

Waking Up!

I’m trying to create a life that I can’t wait to wake up to.


That morning jog and hot cup of coffee

A conversation with my dear diary Sophie.

A run to achieve some dreams

A new path to build new teams.

The hour, the day, the week, the month

Can’t wait to see whether 7th or 11th.

An ambition so strong and a heart so brave

A decision so right that I just crave.

For the day my feet stand tall

To see a name engraved as fame on the wall.

Waiting for a life that might not be all good

Yet waking up to it, because I’m truly blessed touch wood.

Sincere Dreams!

Commitments often tend to lose shape when encountered with challenges.


Some dreams simply take courage

Courage of being dreamt like a mirage.

Most require the sense of possibility

The choice of a lifetime as liability.

Nearly all are ones that require dedication

Calculation from foundation to fruition.

Certain just require some sincerity

To be lived with utmost integrity.

Now how does one find out?

Mostly all of us live in this delusion of self-doubt.

But do you know? This one is easier to do than say

Yes, I repeat, it’s easier to follow than to stay.

To make this dream not a part but life itself

To be impassioned by it as oneself.

To practice it with truth and repeat

Repeat until it’s a skill too concrete.

I know you don’t believe my cliched word today

But believe in yourself in a sort of way

That when you try to practice your dream tomorrow

There shouldn’t be hurt, pain or sorrow.

Just that contentment of moving ahead with pride

As people look at you and say, “They’re living what we tried.”


Life is perfect now, just the way it is.


I stood still silently

Imagining improvement intently.

Waiting for wars to end

Looked farthest for a friend.

Rested and remained until right

Saw the sound sea, till supported my sight.

Assumed, accused and soon awakened

By downright delight of despair I was reckoned.

Life is lived with love and laughter

None think of the thunder that arrives thereafter.

Surreal is substantiality of sorrow and success

Precious are presumptions nonetheless.

Harsh or happy actuality is immense hard work.

Remember don’t resist some more rework.

For straight struggles and strife today

Will make a fearless and formidable you tomorrow anyway.

Dread and dare wait for downright delight of dignity

For opulence lies in opportunity.

It’s A New Day!

Everyday isn’t usually a success story.

But everyday is one more chance to write a new story.


We’re lazy, we’re scared, we want distraction

From that deadly e-mail of the transaction.

Somewhere we know that time will go on

We know this day, soon will be all gone.

Yet, we postpone, we lurk into tomorrow

We’re waiting for happiness and hiding our sorrow.

Who knows if there is a tomorrow at all

We don’t know of future yet we stand tall.

I was planning of 17th July today

But who knows where I’ll be tomorrow anyway.

It’s tough to do everything at once, I know

But it shouldn’t be tough to “get set and go”.

To not hit the snooze, to be enthusiastic

To adapt the change, be elastic.

I know it’s easy to say or read today

Tomorrow it’ll seem like a punishment anyway.

But take it as a challenge and write a new story

Maybe it changes the way you see glory.

It might not be successful but it’ll be new

Something to start with, to break through.




So here I am, back in the game

A little rusted yet energetic, want no fame.

I was just thinking about Consistency

Oops! It sounded like an alarm! Emergency!

Then I thought of Commitment

I thought, “Umm how about a settlement?”

Then came to my mind the Punctuality

A big question mark against my individuality.

I failed, I know. But It’s not like I didn’t try,

The other day I sat to write and all I did, was cry.

But today no shedding tears and no looking back

Because there can be a break but not a crack.

A lot more of practicing the technique of word reversal

But what can’t be achieved with some dedicated rehearsal?