Ordinary to Special!

“You make my ordinary days special.” he said.


Ordinary becomes special with happiness and peace

Of course it happens bit by bit, piece by piece.

One doesn’t know where they find happiness until they meet

It’s no magic, nothing concrete, no cheat.

It’s no infatuation or mere attraction

It just completes us and gives us complete satisfaction.

I find myself complete when I find togetherness

Some find content in cleanliness.

Some feel that spirituality completes them, what makes it special is Godliness

Every fulfillment varies and increases selflessness.

The delight of feeling complete makes it special

The feeling of getting our broken pieces back stronger makes it special.

It’s special for me when it’s true and I be me

While it’s special for him to be with me.

I’m not the only one who can turn an ordinary into special

We all have the ability to find what makes our ordinary day into one that is special.


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