Have you ever been on a backpack?

We try to make permanent decisions in a temporary life.

Have you ever been on a backpack in life?

I think there can’t be a better way than that to sum up

That our life is actually very small and it has no run-up.

No pre made plans or rather no plans made ever

No thoughts, no extra luggage and no time what so ever.

It’s a simple little thing that says

Everything is right here, live it now either ways.

Something that repeatedly tells us that there’s no tomorrow

That tells us don’t beg, steal or borrow.

We’re definitely going to miss this or that

But why waste the opportunity of living this moment for that.

Why think about things that might never happen

And who has the space for any extra or anything to re-happen?

Who wants a second or third in so much clutter

In fact we need liberty and love to just flutter.

Why so thoughtful about a prerequisite?

Don’t prepare or pre-plan for you’ll miss out the chance of something exquisite.


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