Falling In Love!

It’s nice to feel loved.


It’s strange how strangers become so close at times

It seems like magic to fall in love sometimes.

So many of my friends have fallen and hit themselves quite hard

And most of them saw the rock but yet showed no regard.

I guess love is that kind of feeling that one wants to fall for

Something that most people can’t ignore.

I myself, fell from a deep height

But I guess I’m still falling and enjoying this height.

This falling isn’t pulling my down

I’m truly feeling the wind of going down.

Yet I don’t think I’ll hit myself that bad

Maybe I’ll swim from beneath this heightΒ and be glad.

I know it’s not that easy to swim away after being betrayed

Yet, I don’t seem to feel the betrayal at all, I won’t be betrayed.

I’m not ignoring the defeat, I’m just enjoying the present retreat

Because maybe this fall freedom is making feel complete.

It’s truly magical to fall like that

Maybe love is as blind as a bat.


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