Distract From Distractions!

I know it’s kind of funny and may seem difficult. But, it isn’t really that way.


The root cause of every problem practically resolves it to quite an extent

So what is the root cause of distraction and to what extent?

The causes of distraction are usually, boredom, discomfort or fear

And honestly, in this case there is nothing to fear dear.

It’s not advisable in this era to restrict oneself from all possible distractions

But avoiding them at a slow pace will soon keep us away from our distractions.

The pleasure of good work and play most of the times help us out

And there is a valuable change they bring about.

Distractions come to us, when there isn’t enough will to work

Or if there is will and dedication but to much murk at work.

Also it strikes us when we’re not as great socially as our peer these days

While there isn’t quite a need to do that yet these days.

Furthermore, distractions come quite easily when boredom resides within

Well, why not focus more and play harder to make boredom give in?


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