Moments will always fleet away with time.


I somehow feel I’ve stopped appreciating the time I have, for the time I will lose

I know it always quite depends on what we decide and what we wish to choose.

But, what exactly is the fun of losing this particular moment for a past memory?

Or losing this present minute or current second for a future happening story?

I feel that I don’t live my present quite well enough

Just by thinking how I will reach to the next one, which is tough.

At times we don’t enjoy the present ourselves because of sharing it socially

The social need of taking us forward to trends is increasing expeditiously.

Imagine a sunset, beautifully pink and golden shining at a seashore

But we are running away in the need for more.

Isn’t the sunset quite enough to enjoy for this moment?

Isn’t it just perfectly adding to the day like a valuable component?

How about a deliciously fulfilled bowl of your favourite dish?

Why is there any needΒ to capture it and miss the aroma of your dish?

Every moment of our life is worth sharing if we notice it carefully

But wouldn’t we have a story to narrate if we hadn’t posted pictures socially?

It’s serene to live the present without thinking about the past or future

Isn’t there so much in this moment for us to nurture?

There’s so much to do right away if we think about it

Also there’s so much to live by, bit by bit.


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