What Time Is It?

One month, sixteen days, twenty-one hours, forty-seven minutes and fifty-four seconds by my clock.


Last night I was wondering, how swift is time

At times it’s slow too; like a tough mountain climb.

But, today I’m talking about the moments that just pass

The pasts that didn’t ever let us forecast.

Either the times when we’re in absolute hurry

Or the moments we’re enjoying each second with no hurry.

They pass like they had just started and ended too

We never realise when the clock ran from ten to two.

Well, that’s exactly how this year has been for me

I’ve made quite a great start this year for me.

While we can all count, how more than a month has gone by

Yet how many of us can be happy or proud about what’s gone by?

I truly am satisfied, there were downs no doubt

But I’ve had plenty or abundant to be happy about.

It’s been fun and exciting to learn so much more

And I’m sure this year will leave me with joys in gallore.

While it’s never too late to still begin a new story

To be the best and to be in one’s own glory!


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