Bold. Italics. Underlined!

The very three simple text formatting tools have taught me a great deal in life.


With life changing gradually yet instantly from year to year or even by seconds

I’ve felt an urge to apply these formatting tools to myself as lessons.

Everyday we learn something new about ourselves too

And the ones who realise what they’ve learnt each day are quite few.

But every time I look back to see the change in me, I find

That I’ve left so much of imperfection far behind.

In the struggle to become the best version of myself

I’ve shrugged my shoulders swiftly to get rid of the ‘unacceptable’ myself.

We all wish to see this one personality in our own skin,

In some battle of our own, we just strive too hard to win.

And today I have a secret to win this one, but very tough battle

The very important formatting required in ourselves before we embattle.

It is to be bold, in italics and underlined

Have courage, give emphasis and be important in your mind.

When one has the grit to fight, the gratitude for life

And feels important, well then nothing is tough in life.


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